Zoey and Nicholas

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Camp lejeune, NC, Marine Corps

How We Met

We both worked at a fancy YMCA, we did not know each other, though we saw each other & thought we were attractive, he would come by to ask for my specialty drinks & food but was never the type of person to sit and talk so we kept it short & went along with out lives. Sunday evenings I would go to choir rehearsal at my church & there was this guy that I thought I knew, but I never talked to him. Wednesday nights at church we will have bible study together & I finally asked him because he looked like the lifeguard “do you..work at the Y?” & he seemed confused & nodded, I told him I worked there too & after he asked where I worked I said “the cafe!” , he laughed out loud & almost fell to the floor,(note: The cafe was hated by the Y staff for some odd reasons)he breathes & goes “you dont work at the ymca.” I got defensive & argued, long story short we talked & he noticed me.. the cute lifeguard, the cute singer, & bible study leader? All Nicholas or the nickname everyone knows him for, Nick. After that he told me that he didnt think I was the same girl from the cafe & church, which made me laugh of how weird that was that we didnt know about each other. & our story begins. He took me to our high school homecoming & prom, we went throughout high school with the wildest adventures. Then we went onto college..well at least for me, I got really really sick, I was told I have a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers danlos syndrome & because it is rare there is nothing I can really do about it.Nick wasnt okay with leaving me that way so, he joined the US Marine corps.The Military would give us health insurance,& get us best of the best doctors for me.. I’d like to say he joined the Marines for our future, he sacrificed himself for my health.After words, I encouraged him & helped him reach his goals

Proposal Ideas Camp lejeune, NC, Marine Corps

How They Asked

After months of not seeing him I went to his graduation ceremony to welcome my new marine & he made me his new fiance! It was totally unexpected & I would say yes all over again