Zoey and Harrison

How We Met

We met in June 2016! I (Zoey) had just gotten out of a two-year relationship the week we met. After five days post-breakup I just needed to go out with people and stop being sad. I texted a friend I had met at college (Go Mavs ??) and told him to get whoever together, we’re going out! We met up for food and drinks and he had brought Harrison. I had never met him before so this was exciting! I knew we would get along well because we both ordered the same beer. After a night of talking and flirting we exchanged Snapchats handles and left. The next day I had messaged him and apologized for shamelessly flirting to which he said I didn’t need to apologize. We exchanged numbers after that and didn’t stop texting.

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We would text and Snapchat every day until we finally set up a time to hang out. We went golfing (which I sucked at after not playing for three years) so we just laughed and talked the whole time. We kept it going by grabbing lunch and then going to a movie. Ended up meeting up again, unknowingly, at the same bar that night! It took two months, but we finally started dating and I transferred to the same college as him for that fall semester. Don’t worry, it wasn’t for him! That was already happening before we met – just a happy coincidence. Since then, we’ve spent nearly every single day together. Now we live together with our adorable rescue, Daisy Mae, and we both graduate this May!

Zoey and Harrison's Engagement in Boom Island Brewery, Minneapolis, MN

How They Asked

So we had gone looking at rings right after our year anniversary, which was I August 2017. So I had been waiting a while! We went to Mexico for spring break with my family and I had this expectation of a beach proposal. That clearly didn’t happen! Over Mother’s Day weekend we were home from school and made plans to go to Boom Island Brewery because they were hosting a Pints and Pups event. We are huge beer snobs and it was something we had bonded over since we met so going to a brewery was nothing new to us. My parents, brother, and sister-in-law also came with us!

We were leaving the event to go to dinner to celebrate my Mom and everyone was just walking super slow; I was leading the group. So I stopped and turned around and everyone, except my Mom, had their phones out. I then looked at Harrison and he was holding a little box. He got down on one knee, waited between my uncontrollable sobbing to finally get the words “will you marry me?” out. In a video that my Dad took (that I can’t find!!), you can hear my Mom in the background – she was totally in the dark and didn’t know this was happening! So it was a nice surprise for both of us!

Special Thanks

Amy Huber (Sister-in-law/Harrison’s proposal planning partner)
 | Photographer