Zoee and Trevor

Where to Propose in Our hometown!

How We Met

Two years ago on New Year’s Eve, I said “ yes “ to the easiest question ever- being Trevor’s girlfriend. He was my high school sweetheart and checked off all my boxes as far as qualities I wanted in a boyfriend. We are both extremely family-oriented and always have been!

How They Asked

This year, Christmas came and all of my siblings came to our house to celebrate it! Little did I know, Trevor had a little trick up his sleeve and got together with my sister and her husband while I was at work and they planted an engagement ring in the middle of a huge Saran Wrap ball full of gag gifts and surprises, a fun holiday game!

Days later he got me good and with both of our families from all over the states- were there to witness the sweetest proposal. In a wrapped jar Trevor unwrapped what I thought was a “ gag “ gift and turned out to be my DREAM ring 😍 it was the absolute easiest YES! I’ve ever said and the most joy I’ve ever felt with the people we both love most by our sides!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our hometown!