Zoe and Tom

How We Met

Our story started back in 2010 when I met tom at JFK airport when we were both arriving to work in america for the summer at a summer camp. We spent the summer in a bit of a summer romance and at the end of the summer left america and went back to our universities at opposite ends of the country. A few years later I got a Facebook message from tom and the rest is history (as they say). I moved to London after 6 months of long distance and it was the best decision I ever made.

how they asked

After 3 years of dating tom surprised me with a trip to Berlin for my birthday weekend. We had a fabulous weekend in Germany drinking steins and eating schnitzel. Once we got back to our flat in Greenwich, i’d Been planning on grabbing a Chinese takeaway and going to bed nice and early, little did I know tom had other plans. We got into our building and outside our door tom turned and told me he had another surprise for me. Since it was my birthday the day before I thought maybe he had some flowers for me or a cake, so I was reluctant to tie my scarf around my eyes as a blind fold but I entertained his request and we entered the Flat. He told me to take my coat off and wait in the hallway, and after a minute or two called me into our living room.

I walked into a room full of white helium filled balloons with pictures of us attached to the strings. At first glance i immediately thought it was for my birthday, I then saw on the table a collage of cards tom and I had sent each other for birthdays and anniversaries etc, pale pink roses (my favourites) and a diamond ring!!! I didn’t know what to say, I was totally confused and surprised. Tom got down on one knee and asked me to ‘join team G’ (this is what he all’s his family). All I could say was ‘are you serious?’ And of course I said Yes!

He had champagne and strawberries in the fridge so our Chinese takeaway night turned into drinking champagne and starring at my ring! And of course calling all my family to let them know our fabulous news. A special thanks went to toms mum and Dad who spent an entire afternoon blowing up all the balloons, and chilling the champagne. It was the best end to a fantastic weekend, and I have literally never been so surprised in my entire life. We are getting married in a private Manor House on lake windermere in the Lake District in June 2018!