Zoe and Sylvan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Drive Inn Theatre

How We Met

I was on a dating app and I remember swiping and I accidentally super liked someone and I was absolutely freaking out because I was unsure of who it was I liked. Then a few days later I get a message from the person I super liked saying “is this a mistake” and little did I know it was my now fiancé, Sylvan. I responded back with “idk should it be??” We started talking because I was like wow this man is actually so cute and I felt an instant attraction to him. I am from a small town about 45 minutes outside of the city and Sylvan attends the United States Military Academy and he just so happened to finish his training before heading back to his home in Alaska so he asked me to meet him at the Bronx Zoo. I knew from the second I met him that this was something incredibly special. The photo you see was taken from that day we met at the Zoo. There was just an instant connection between me and Sylvan. Fast forward a few months and we went on a date to the local drive-in theater and he pulled out what’s called a ‘spoony button’ and he told me that it was a West Point tradition for a cadet to give a girl this button when he wanted to go steady with her. I ended up taking a chance and saying yes. And now here we are over 2 years later. I never would have thought that my future husband would literally be from across the world.

Proposal Ideas The Drive Inn Theatre

How They Asked

I never had any expectations of told Sylvan how I wanted to be proposed to. So I seriously had no idea what he had planned. It was just after the Army vs San Jose football game and Sylvan told me we had somewhere we had to be so we needed to pack up and leave as soon as possible. He got me in the car and told me that I had to be blindfolded because I couldn’t know where we were going. After a car ride that seemed forever, the second I heard the car tired drive over the gravel, I knew exactly where we were. The drive-in theater. The same exact theater where he asked me to be his girlfriend. We parked and be guided me to a bench and when he took off the blindfold I was surrounded by candles and rose petals and all of a sudden a movie popped up on the screen of all pictures and videos of some memories from over the years.

I felt like I was in a movie at that moment and my love for Sylvan exploded in those few minutes. When he got down in his knee he thanked God for bringing us together and for working in and through us. And he told me how much he loved me and wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else but me and then that’s when he pulled out the little box and popped the question, “Zoë Ula Quinn, will you marry me?”. I replied with WELL DUH YES!!!

When I saw that ring I was SHOOK! It was literally what I had pictured since I was a little girl and it was brought to life. Once he put the ring in my finger, I heard cheering and clapping and we were surrounded but my family and our friends. It was such a special moment and it’s something that I can’t wait to tell our children about someday.