Zoe and Mitch

Image 9 of Zoe and Mitch

How We Met

We met at church. He’s a pastor and I served with the youth! He would see me walking around the church and I saw him every Sunday leading worship, loving people, and serving everyone. Our first date was a Noah Gundersen concert. He says he knew he wanted to marry me after that night.

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How They Asked

We’ve had our eyes set on this home since we first saw it! On Thursday my now fiancé picked me up & told me he wanted to walk and pray over the home as our application was just approved and of course I said yes. So we set off, started to pray, and once we got to the steps of the home he said “since this is where we will be starting our first year of marriage and building a home together, this is where I want to ask you to be my wife, and then proposed! It was the sweetest thing. We can’t wait to be husband & wife!

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