Zoe and Mark

Marriage Proposal Ideas in SW4 Festival

How We Met

My fiancé and I first met in a local night club called Mayhem in 2009, i was only just 18 and he was nearly 20. I was with my friends dancing on the podium as you do! When we all decided to play dares! Haha i know, how lame… Anyways my friend pointed out this guy on the other side of the dance floor and said i dare you to get with him! So I swag from the bar of the podium and jumped on the dance floor and strutted over to this guy… I didn’t really see what he looked like when my friend pointed him out to me, as the club was so busy.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in SW4 Festival

Anyways i strut over and my first words to this totally random guy was ‘Oh.. your quite hot actually’. Then we just started chatting and found out we had a lot in common. We swapped numbers, he took me out on my first ever dinner date and the rest is history <3

Engagement Proposal Ideas in SW4 Festival

Zoe and Mark's Engagement in SW4 Festival

how they asked

Me and my best friend Ellen decided we wanted to go to SW4 as we love festivals and Basement Jaxx were going to be there. We asked if the boys wanted to come and Mark said ‘no its fine why don’t you just have a girl’s weekend’. I was a bit gutted that Mark didn’t want to come but knew i would still have a really good time just me and Ellen. Little did i know Mark had the idea to surprise me on the day and propose! So, the day of the festival me and Ellen were getting ready at mine doing each other’s face paints etc… while mark was still in his pj’s. When we got on the train we started drinking and was all excited about the festival and was going to meet my other best friend Hannah in London. Throughout the day, Mark was sending me picture texts of our new kittens we had just got doing cute things around the house. Well my sneaky friend was texting Mark giving him updates on where we were and when we got into the festival.

While I was none the wiser he had a team of people on standby, so when i left the house his mum came over to drop the ring off and the penguin costume. It was a rock hopper penguin (as that is what i call Mark when his hair goes funny). Then he had his friend James come around and they set off to come to SW4. While me, Ellen and Hannah was partying it up I wondering why Ellen wasn’t drinking as much as she normally would. I just thought she wasn’t really feeling it but really, she was on it trying to make sure i was in the right place at the right time. After Basement Jaxx i wanted to go get some food but Ellen said let’s go to the loo then get food, she was really making sure i was looking fresh for what was to happen next. We went to make our way to the food tents and i saw this person in a penguin outfit and was like omg i need a photo! Ellen took my phone off me as hers was all bashed up and was recording instead of taking a photo.

While i was waiting for her to take the photo the penguin takes his head off and it was Mark!!! I was in such shock i didn’t really know what was going on and everyone was crowding around us watching. I started crying and Mark got down on one knee and if you watch the video i was so excited he didn’t even get to put the ring on me!

I was like a magpie that found a shiny object. Then i spotted James filming the whole thing and started to cry even more. Everyone was coming up to me to congratulate me, I was so over the moon I can’t even describe how I was feeling that day.

It was the most amazing day of my life and to have my best friends to witness it just made my day. And now we are counting down the days till we become Mr & Mrs. .

Our Video

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Special Thanks

James | 
Helped plan and filmed
Ellen | 
Made sure i was in the right place at the right time