Zoe and Liam

Zoe's Proposal in Iceland

How We Met

Liam and I first met in high school in Houston, TX through mutual friends. At first, we were just friends (while both secretly liking each other a little more than that), but eventually, the sparks were undeniable and it was clear there was more to our relationship than just being the two tallest people in our group. I worked up the courage to ask Liam to my cotillion dance in January 2011, and the rest is history.

We dated throughout high school and into college, which we attended in Los Angeles at USC and Loyola Marymount University, respectively. Everyone thought it was pretty crazy that we went to different colleges and managed to stay together without taking any breaks, but for us it was easy! After graduating in 2016, we both stayed in Los Angeles but lived apart, until moving in together in the Summer of 2017 and adopting our adorable cat, Winona.

Eight years of dating behind us, we definitely started thinking about the future and what it would hold for us.

How They Asked

At the end of 2018, Liam and I decided to plan a big trip somewhere we had never been to before. It would be the first time we had traveled out of the country together just the two of us, and we were excited to plan something big and go all out. We decided on Iceland and booked for March 2019.

Little did I know, he was also planning to propose on this trip!

We were in Iceland for a week, and the first couple of days came and went without anything to make me suspect something was coming. Between exciting events like whale watching and walking through quaint towns, I was just totally in awe of this country I had never been to before — everything there is so incredibly beautiful. So even though a few friends had asked me before the trip if I thought a proposal was coming, it was the furthest thing from my mind on the third day of our trip as we were driving through the countryside sightseeing.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Iceland

We stopped to check out a cool cathedral in the Icelandic countryside when I noticed a cute little snow-covered footbridge going across a stream. There wasn’t a single person around as we walked over to it and I started snapping a few pictures of the bridge and scenery. I had already walked across the bridge and turned around when Liam asked me to walk back over to him for a hug. I did, and then suddenly he was on one knee! He said a few sweet words, opened the ring box, and after saying YES I don’t even remember what happened because I was so excited.

Liam didn’t tell anyone ahead of time, and we kept our engagement secret for the rest of our trip until we got back to the States. It was such a special time between the two of us, which we will both always treasure. But now, the secret’s out, and we’re so excited for forever!