Zoe and Chris

We were on a trip of a lifetime in South Africa. As both of us were born overseas, a majority of our family don’t reside in Australia. In 2012 we took to the sky to visit my family members in England. And I n 2015 it was my turn to meet all of his! We were having a fabulous time exploring Durban and the surrounding cities, when Chris surprised me with a fully planned trip to Cape Town (I had begged him to go before we left, but he told me we wouldn’t have time – wasn’t that a lie!) I was so excited! He’d booked a beautiful hotel and had a complete itinerary of activities planned for us to experience while we were there. First stop, Table Mountain. Off we went up the revolving cable car to the top of this beautiful mountain. Oh my, what a sight it was! The most amazing views I have ever experienced.


After we had taken in spectacular views from each and every angle, we found an amazing little spot away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists with a birds eye view of the city of Cape Town. I thought it could not get any better than that moment, right then and there. But boy was I wrong!

Chris said to me, ‘look over there, that is where the two oceans meet!’, I was looking at this spectacular view when Chris suddenly said my name. I turned around and there he was on one knee with my dream ring in his hand.

I couldn’t believe it, I asked him, ‘Is this even real life?’ And on the ring went before I could even answer my big fat, YES!!

It was a dream. It still is.


Special Thanks

A beautiful couple that walked by on their honeymoon! Ever so thankful.