Zoe and Andrew

Image 1 of Zoe and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I meet each other at the University of North Carolina when we were working together as RA’s in the same freshman dorm. We quickly became good friends–we counseled each other through relationships; we celebrated job offers; we laughed over my favorite songs from high school until the wee hours of the morning. Eventually, I realized that Andrew might have a crush on me (telling me “Happy Valentine’s Day” about 6 times in 2 hours helped give it away) and soon enough, our perfect love story began.

how they asked

A few weeks before we got engaged, I asked Andrew if he would like to go to our favorite date spot, Top of the Hill (TOPO), for an anniversary dinner. He quickly agreed and told me he would make our reservations. Being that the date night was my idea, I had no idea that that would be the night that Andrew asked me to spend my life with him.

When the day came, Andrew told me that his sister needed some things hung up in her apartment so he would just pick me up for dinner rather than hanging out beforehand. When Andrew picked me up for our date, I asked him where we were going to park and I started to get suspicious when he said we were going to park down Franklin Street rather than parking right by TOPO. He covered it up by saying that our reservations were later than we both originally thought so he figured we could walk through campus. I was back to not being too suspicious, until we started walking through campus. Andrew said that he heard there were lights on the Old Well that he wanted to see and I replied, “There are only lights on the Old Well when someone is getting engaged…” He led me to the Old Well and told me about how this was his favorite view on campus. We stood there for a minute and then proceeded to turn around and walk back to Franklin Street. I was so confused as to what had just happened and figured we weren’t actually getting engaged today (the Old Well didn’t even have lights on it).

We headed back up and walked by the Davie Poplar bench, where we had our first kiss. Rumor has it that if you kiss on the Davie Poplar bench, you will eventually get married–was the myth about the come true?!

Image 2 of Zoe and Andrew

The bench was covered in lights (my favorite) and had a bunch of red roses laying across it. He asked me if we should check it out and I giggled as we walked over to the bench–we were about to be engaged!! He looked at me as I was still giggling and asked if I was just going to laugh the whole time. I told him I was just so excited and he proceeded to give me a beautiful speech–promising to pursue me the rest of our lives. Andrew got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! My heart was so overwhelmed with joy that I thought that applause I was hearing was just in my head. In reality, a youth soccer team of 14 year-old girls and their moms had set up camp about 100 feet away to see the proposal after noticing the roses and lights on the bench!

Image 3 of Zoe and Andrew

It was my dream proposal, and little did I know, there were still two more surprises!

After dinner, we headed past Back Bar on our way out of the restaurant. Andrew pulled me into Back Bar and all of our close friends were there to celebrate with us! I was completely surprised and instantly started crying tears of joy. We hung out for a while, took plenty of pictures, and celebrated with champagne. As people started to leave, we headed back to Andrew’s apartment. When he opened the door, the room was illuminated with candles (LED of course). There was a trail of rose petals that led me through pictures and milestones of our entire relationship, all the way to our most recent milestone of getting engaged!

Image 4 of Zoe and Andrew