Zodiac-Inspired Engagement Rings: Swoonworthy Stunners for Every Sign

Whether you can map the zodiac sky with your eyes closed or simply love a good horoscope reading when you’re bored, you have to admit—astrological signs are pretty fun to explore. We’ve hand-picked unique engagement rings based on each sign’s prominent personality traits—from the nurturing Cancer to the intense Scorpio. Read on for our top zodiac-inspired picks.

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Aries - Rosa Diamond Engagement Ring

Rosa Diamond Engagement Ring

The Aries sign is known to be a pioneer and a trailblazer—so, if this is your partner, we love the idea of opting for something trendy, with a twist. Our favorite option? The Rosa Diamond Engagement Ring makes a serious statement that’s sure to speak to the trailblazing Aries heart.

Buy It: $3,690 (setting only), BrilliantEarth.com


Taurus - Madison Solitaire Diamond Ring

Madison Solitaire Diamond Ring

The Taurus sign is all about being trustworthy, persistent, and providing—so a classic design is a great option for the Taurus in your life. We’re all about the Madison Solitaire Diamond Ring for a clean, timeless design that’s (almost) as tried-and-true as your partner.

But It: $998 (setting only), RingConcierge.com


Gemini - Oval Diamond Solitaire On Double Milgrain Seed Platinum Ring

Oval Diamond Solitaire On Double Milgrain Seed Platinum Ring

If your partner is a Gemini, chances are they’re versatile and vibrant (to say the least). We love the idea of something that, like their personality, is both modern and classic—like this unique oval engagement ring. We’re obsessed with the way the unexpected double setting adds just the right amount of flair to this vintage-inspired stunner.

But It: $14,340, Ylang23.com


Cancer - Vena Amoris Ring

Vena Amoris Ring

The Cancer in your life is likely a nurturer, which is why we think they deserve something stunning and storied, like this art deco vibe. Boasting an aesthetic that feels both artful and endlessly eye-catching, we haven’t stopped swooning over the unique Vena Amoris Ring.

Buy It: $3,050, CatbirdNYC.com


Leo - Unique Engagement Ring

Unique Engagement Ring

The Leo in your life may be a bit of a drama queen—and we happen to love that. Opt for a ring as bold as their personality—like this unique engagement ring from Barkev’s. With a head-turning design, the center stone is made even more prominent by the romantic marquise and round diamond embellishments around the shoulders. This one is as unapologetic as your Leo love.

Buy It: $3,460 (setting only), Barkevs.com


Virgo - Pear Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear-Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Virgos are known to be caring teachers, which is why we think this sign deserves something with a story behind it—and this pear-shaped halo engagement ring fits the bill perfectly.

Buy It: $13,607, JamesAllen.com


Libra - Five Stone Sapphire Ring

Five-Stone Sapphire Ring

The Libra in your life is likely all about peace, love, and harmony (ohhhhhm), making their ring finger perfect for a piece that represents unity. We love the idea of opting for this unexpected five-stone sapphire engagement ring. Paying serious homage to Princess Diana’s iconic ring, this one is sure to speak to the Libra’s soft heart.

Buy It: $3,100, WithClarity.com


Scorpio - Three-Stone Trapezoid Sidestone Diamond Engagement Ring

Three-Stone Trapezoid Sidestone Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’ve got a Scorpio in your life, chances are they bring some serious intensity to the table—which is why they deserve an engagement ring with lines as sharp as their focus. Our favorite option? This three-stone emerald engagement ring is as intensely brilliant as they are.

Buy It: $6,990, BlueNile.com


Sagittarius - Marquise Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

The Sagittarius sign is known to be a worldly adventurer, which is why we think they deserve an engagement ring that’s as unexpected as their last-minute weekend plans to jet-set somewhere stunning. This marquise-cut three-stone engagement ring matches just that energy.

Buy It: $6,560, Jared.com


Capricorn - Marguerite Solitaire Engagement Ring

Marguerite Solitaire Engagement Ring

Of all the things a Capricorn is, spontaneous likely is not at the top of that list. Known as the master planner of all the zodiac signs, we think the Capricorn in your life needs something practical, but still stunning. Our favorite down-to-earth option? This timeless petite solitaire engagement ring from Annoushka.

Buy It: $7,400, Annoushka.com


Aquarius - Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

The Aquarius sign is known to be innovative with a huge heart, which is why this three-stone ring is sure to yield an instant, “YES!” We’re obsessed with this unique engagement ring, featuring a trio of round diamonds—the perfect combination of classic and contemporary.

Buy It: $9,600, Jared.com


Pisces - Oval Bezel Engagement Ring

Oval Bezel Engagement Ring

The sign is known for its sensitive soul, making a romantic engagement ring the perfect option for your Pisces partner. We’re head-over-heels for this bezel-set oval diamond engagement ring. With an aesthetic that feels both regal and romantic, it’s a stunning option for the sweet-souled Pisces in your life.

Buy It: $7,500, DanaRebeccaDesigns.com

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