Zijada and Ermin

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How We Met

I met Ermin while visiting family in my homeland of Bosnia (a small country in eastern Europe). Ermin was friends with my older cousins and I developed a major crush on him from the age of 15, but do to the fact that I only visited Bosnia every few years I never thought anything would come of us. Until the summer of 2015, when I went to visit my family again. At the time of that trip I was 19 and no longer just the baby cousin of Ermin’s friends. After a few weeks of subtle flirting we began Facebook messaging each other all day, everyday. But, by the time it was clear we both had feelings for each other, it was time for me to head back to the states.

We decided to give long distance a try, and I am so glad we did. I went back to visit him 6 months later and we spent our first new years eve together ringing in 2016. After a month of being together in person, we had to revert back to Skype and Facebook messenger. We survived a heartbreaking goodbye and a long year of waiting as it wouldn’t be until the following winter that I could visit him again. The distance had been horrendous, but it had always been worth it. Every ounce of pain associated with waiting melts away the instant I am back in his arms.

how they asked

To say that I was completely surprised that Ermin asked me to marry him would be a lie. We had talked about it and I knew if we wanted to start our life together on the same continent that he had to pop the question during my next visit. Despite knowing it was coming, I was completely filled with joy and love when the man of my dreams got down on one knee in front of the stunning waterfall our little city was known for and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I am unsure if it was to overcome the sound of the rushing water, or out of excitement, or a combination of both, but I screamed YES and flew into the arms of my future husband.

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By making it official that we intended to get married, Ermin paved the path for ending the distance between us for good. With the ring on my hand, I flew back to America and began the process for getting Ermin’s Fiance Visa. I am determined to make our last airport goodbye the very last goodbye we will ever have to say.