Zhi and Jocelyn

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How We Met

Zhi Yuan and Jocelyn met through a mutual friend during New Year’s Eve and they bonded over a game of Mahjong. Zhi Yuan took the opportunity to stay in contact with her and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Jocelyn loves Korea and she visits it every year, so our sweet Zhi Yuan decided to make Korea an even more special place to her. There were lots of difficulties along the way because of how familiar she already was with the places and a surprise was difficult to pull off.

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Fortunately, Jocelyn who was ever so thoughtful constantly checked with Zhi Yuan on the places he wanted to visit. Zhi Yuan decided to propose at a secluded area inside Seoul Forest that was surrounded by lush greenery. When he reached the perfect spot, he got down on his knee and an exhilarated Jocelyn said “Yes” immediately!

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They had a photoshoot around the area after their proposal and although the weather wasn’t ideal, the rain had nothing on this blissful couple.

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