Zerin and Mehmet

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How We Met

Zerin and I were incredibly good friends before we start dating. I could see from the moment I met her that she was a very kind and honest person and I knew she would be the perfect girlfriend. Ten months into our relationship I just knew that I wanted to be with her forever and marry her!

how they asked

I knew I wanted to propose in London but didn’t have a clue where to start! Erin had always wanted to go on the London Eye but I didn’t want my proposal to be like all of the others that have happened there. I wanted mine to be different.

As i didn’t know where to start I contacted London Proposal Planners The One Romance. They came up with genius way for me to propose that was certainly going to have a surprise element but still be incredibly romantic at the same time.

On the day of the proposal, just as the sun was setting, I suggested to Zerin we take a ride on the London Eye. She had no idea that I had actually booked a private capsule and fill did with other ‘tourists’ (who were actually the Proposal Planners, Videographer and Photographer!) As we stepped onto the capsule we were approached by a ‘member of the London Eye’ (who was actually one of my Proposal Planners in disguise!) who told us we had won a ‘romantic surprise on board The Eye!) The only hitch? We had to put blindfolds on whilst the surprise was revealed!

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Zerin was incredibly excited and had no idea what was going on (I on the other hand was getting more and more nervous!) Whilst our Blindfolds were on, The One Romance tea began to decorate the capsule with hundreds of hands and fairy lights.

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There were also photos of the two of us hung with ribbon and a ‘marry me’ banner which would be the first thing Zerin would see when she opened her eyes.

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As soon as I was given the signal, I led Zerin into the centre of the Capsule and told her to remove her blindfold, When she did… I was down on one knee asking her to be my wife.

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