Zena and Jon-Anthony

Image 1 of Zena and Jon-Anthony

At the time, I had just moved to New York when we were dating after 3 years of a long distance relationship. I had always wanted to ride the boats at Central Park, so my husband decided to surprise me and take me to Central Park. The minute we arrived at the Boathouse, the line had closed for the night and they were not allowing anyone else in the lake. By some miracle, the guard felt bad and let us be the last people in the line! We finally got on the boats and it was the most perfect day, with the Global Citizen Festival artists playing in the background. I was taking in the scene, and as I turned to face my husband, he was on bended knee, on the boat, with my dream ring in hand.

As Alicia keys sang in the background, I sat in disbelief, as someone’s fiance!!! Then, a family we met in line made their way to our boat, and told us they took pictures of our proposal. It was a magical NYC proposal, and now I am so very happily married!