Zella and Ivo

How We Met

Ivo and I met at a triathlon boot camp in Oklahoma City. I was just starting to learn about triathlons, and Ivo offered great advice. We quickly became best friends, and within months I knew he was “the one” I think he knew also when he made it a point for me to meet his mom before cancer took her. She was a wonderful person, I knew we would have been best friends also.

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How They Asked

I’m not sure if it’s because I am a dietitian or just like silly food puns, but we saw these shirts says “She’s my sweet potato” and hers saying “I yam” I instantly loved these, and we would say this to each other often. For Valentine’s Day 2019, I decided to get Ivo and I these shirts, he had already asked if we could go on vacation for the weekend so I thought it would be a great opportunity to wear them. Come February 14th, we ended up buying each other the same silly shirts!!

So we left for San Diego for the weekend following Valentine’s Day and one day we decided to drive out to Poway Lake and hike Potato Chip Rock. We, of course, Ivo made sure we wore our special shirts for the hike. Throughout the hike he said, “this better be worth it.” And it definitely was, as he proposed on top of Potato Chip Rock!! It was magical!

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