Zeline and John

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How We Met

John and I met like most 20 year-olds do. It was May 2008 and we were dancing the night away at opposite ends of the room. We didn’t really notice one another until a close friend stood next to him and I was close by. She gave us the look, so he asked for a dance. We danced a very long merengue tipico, looked at each other said thank you and parted ways. I, of course, was intrigued so the next day or so (can’t remember haha!) I sent him the wild Facebook request. Doing so I found out we have a lot of mutual friends and since then we are connected. So yes! I sent the friend request and from there I messaged him and said hello. He remembered who I was and jokingly responded: “you found me”. Our friendship grew as we noticed we had a lot of mutual friends including my cousin. John and I were friends for about one year until he finally asked, would you be my girlfriend?

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On February 5th, 2009 John asked and I said yes (to be his girlfriend that is, fast forward we are 9 years strong engaged and ready for our wedding day). From February 5th, 2009 and on we shared our goals, challenges, and experiences. We were in our 20’s – college students with every ounce of excitement to reach success. At the time we didn’t really know how long we would last– We are definitely not the type to believe everything lasts forever – but we knew our story would. I fell in love with John’s kind heart, patience, and enjoyed his company. He was patient with me and my decisions, but most importantly I fell in love with his strength to overcome many adversities, such as the loss of his mother.

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We ended up together because we were destined. In 2007, I was different, down, and dealing with a heartbreak. I briefly spoke to a friend at the time about my feelings and challenges, he said, I am sure there is someone you will meet and he might be suffering more or less than you but you will complement him and you would be what he needs. I never really spoke to anyone about this conversation I mean it was just to make me feel better, no? Over time – I realized when I thought I felt low – John was dealing with more pain – he was suffering with the passing of his mother and as we met a year later – I knew it was meant to be and of course freaky! Every move I took to get close to him was guided by God.

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how they asked

It was October 21, 2016. We flew 15 hours to Dubai, landed unpacked, and enjoyed our 1st day by the Jumeirah Lake. We walked around Jumeirah Lake overseeing the high skyscrapers and admiring the city. We walked so much the sun started to set and the buildings started to shine as the lights flickered on. We walked around the lake and ended back to our starting point. My legs started to hurt a bit – I just didn’t understand all the walking, but I simply continued and admired the sites. When we were back to point A there was no one around but the few tourist walking up the lake, John turned quickly grabbed my hands and starting rocking them back and forth.

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I didn’t understand what was happening until he said “You know….. We have been together for 8 years…..” He continued to talk rocking my arms and kneeled. As he opened the box and as the ring shined a bit against the Jumeirah Lake’s street lamp he took a deep breath and said would you marry me? Handshaking, covering my eyes, mouth, and face, I shook my head and responded “Yes” we posted a picture and shortly after all of our family members and friends warm wishes and I knew it all along FaceTime messages started coming through!

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Special Thanks

Zawilky Reyes
 | Planning
Kassandra De Jesus
 | Planning
Yraida Morillo
 | Photographer