Zeliha and Tolga

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How We Met

We met through Instagram.

how they asked

We have been dating for 3 years now, so like every Valentine’s day this year I got all dressed up and ready for Valentine’s day dinner. Tolga (my now fiancé) picked me up from home and gave me 100 beautiful roses, he then took me out to a restaurant in Nobu (we are sushi lovers). We had the most amazing dinner, a beautiful Valentines day dinner (what I was thinking). We finished up at the restaurant, and he then drove me in the direction of my house. But then en route, he said he needed to stop the car. All of a sudden he parked up on the main road and reached for an umbrella behind his seat. At this point, it was pouring with rain. So this umbrella he gave me was covered in red roses.

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He told me to take the umbrella and step out of the car, and I did so. He held my hand and we started walking on the pavement, not knowing where we were going I kept questioning him “Where are we going, babe?” Then out of nowhere, I saw members of my family, walking towards us. Minutes later he pointe at a building with an amazing piece of art, it was a graffiti wall. He then knelt down on one knee, I was speechless.

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He then asked the unforgettable question ” Will you marry me?”.. I barely remember how it all unfolded, it was the best feeling ever! We had the most amazing kisses under the pouring rain, he hadn’t forgotten about a photographer. We had a beautiful professional photoshoot with our wall of love under the pouring rain. I wish I could experience it all over.

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