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How We Met

Where do I start? Louis and I met back in October 2012 through Instagram. This was back when there was no tinder/DM all that stuff that kids have these days! And I was following Louis’ sister on Insta. She posted this pic of the two of them and I commented saying “wow your brother’s hot!”. I was single back then, so what did I have to lose? To my surprise, she commented back saying “my brother thinks you’re hot, add him on Facebook.” This is so laughable now that I think of it haha!

I didn’t have Facebook so just left it and laughed it off. A few months later, I got an Insta friend request and this guy just started liking all my photos and then he commented on an old photo saying “hi I’m not sure if you remember, but I’m Carla’s (Louis’ sister) brother & I think you’re gorgeous.” My face went from shock to happiness and instantly had butterflies in my stomach!

After a week of talking to each other on the phone/through KIK Messenger we decided to meet – I snuck out in my pjs and we went to my local McDonalds (so romantic, I know). I remember saying to him “my soulmate will always remember how I order my sundaes – hot fudge at the bottom AND the top”. We ordered our nuggets and cheeseburgers and parked the car in Bay 8 and got to know each other after hours of talking in the car. What I didn’t know about Louis was that he was living out of his green Hyundai Excel car in Glebe, surviving on loose change.

We went out to breakfast a week later and I saw him at the counter paying for our breakfast in all these coins. I didn’t think much of it until he later told me that he was living in his car in Glebe. That didn’t change my perception of him at all. I thought to myself, this man has no money, no roof over his head, no secure job paying him a stable income BUT he has made me feel like one of the luckiest women ever in the last 2 weeks. And I knew then and there that I wanted to stand by this man. He had nothing to offer me but his love, care, and endless support. And that was more than enough for me.

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We were going on a family holiday before Christmas and we had decided to have a nice dinner at the Shangri-La for a last intimate dinner before the madness of Christmas at work. Both of us working in busy industries – Finance and TV. It was a Thursday night and I had rushed home after work to get ready and was patiently waiting to be picked up by Louis. We were driving into the city and it was so chaotic so Louis decided to take me on a different route to the Shangri La and said: “I have an early Christmas present for you before we head to dinner since we won’t be here for Christmas”.

So, I was like “hmmmm ok…” We parked the car at the Observatory Hill and he said: “one of your favorite artists is doing a music video clip and I managed to get a hook up for you to see the behind the scenes shoot”.


As we were walking up to the gazebo at the Observatory Hill I hear a guitar playing and my jaw dropped! It was Jakiel Mariner! I have been following him since before him and his brothers were Fortunate on X Factor back in 2012. I was like a little school girl!!! The set up was romantic with rose petals everywhere and candles, and a red carpet. Everything!!! Look, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind where I thought “omg is he going to propose to me right now?!”

But he introduced me to the videographer “shooting the music video” and Jakiel’s “managers” who were Tania & Gloria from my proposal co. behind the whole thing! I was convinced that this was in fact just a music video. I was still taking it all in when Jakiel was standing in front of me and his wife was also there for his “music video”. It was then at that point where I thought “ok his wife is here so this is just a music video Jakiel is shooting”.

We were watching him behind the scenes and he was doing a few shots and then I remember Tania asking me if I wanted to be a part of the music video. I was nervous but Louis convinced me that it was a once in a lifetime chance to experience this. And I thought “oh what the heck!” I was blindfolded because I was “the other girl in the music video”. RIGHT THEN I thought “this is where Louis will propose to me when I take my blindfold off”.

I hear Jakiel singing in the background while I had the blindfold on and then the videographer says “cut!” and I take my blindfold off and I see Louis standing in front of me with my phone recording the whole thing so my face went straight, and I paused and was like “wow. This is actually JUST a music video, not a proposal!” I was half disappointed but still in such shock that I was apart of this whole experience! Tania then said, “we need to get another shot, so Zee could you please put the blindfold back on”.

The blindfold was on for a lot longer and Jakiel was singing the entire time I had the blindfold on. I then hear Gloria and Tania say “ok Zee can you take your blindfold off now”. To my surprise, Louis spins me around and I see huge MARRY ME letters light up, candles have lit up, rose petals spread everywhere, the backdrop of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour behind us but more importantly, this beautiful man, this gorgeous face with cute dimples just standing there smiling at me. The waterworks began and I was sobbing there while my man got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

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He had told me he had bought the ring months ago and was waiting for the perfect way/time to propose to me. I had that Kim Kardashian crying face on, thinking “someone just PINCH ME RIGHT NOW!!! Or never wake me up from this dream!!!” It was one of the best/happiest/most exciting days of my life! Seeing my man get down on one knee, crying, asking me to be his wife and spend the rest of my life with him. Fast forward a year later and we’re now married, living together, soaking up married life :)

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