Zara and Safat

How We Met

We met thru mutual friends. Apparently, he was always around but I never noticed him before. But when I did notice him I questioned myself “Why didn’t I see him before?” Our mutual friend asked me if I would be interested in speaking to him but when I heard he was from England I don’t know why I thought he would be so cocky! Although secretly I knew I was a sucker for the British accent!

When we met everything about us felt just right I couldn’t point out as to why though. It felt like the universe was pushing us towards one another.

how they asked

I always pictured myself being proposed to with my favorite Bollywood song (I never mentioned this to him though nor anyone else) and that’s exactly what happened a month and a half later! I was so scared!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake Carolyn

It felt too soon but it also felt just right. We first met at a lakeside because I told him that was my happy/thinking place which is why he proposed by Lake Carolyn. He told me to get ready saying we were going for a work seminar where his boss invited me as well, I didn’t even have my nails done! My mom insisted on press-ons before I left the house and I was still clueless!

Zara and Safat's Engagement in Lake Carolyn

When he blindfolded me I thought I was dating a serial killer who was possibly kidnapping me but with the help of my sister, brother in law, amazing friends and amazing family it was the perfect proposal! I always asked around about finding the one and they weren’t kidding when they told me “when you know you just know that they’re the one.”