Zanele and Deondrae

Little girls grow up with fairy tale ideas of the “dream guy”. But along the way, life breaks us in and those fairy tales soon fade away. Heart breaks make us believe we don’t deserve it; statistics and the media says fairy tales weren’t “made” for my kind. But when WE met, my heart knew, he was my fairy tale. Not the Disney, take one look and by midnight he’s chasing me down to crown me. No. It’s the kind of fairy tale that taught me all is possible with two people that love each other and prepared to work harder than ever before, to stay together. This fairy tale didn’t expect perfection but endured through bumping heads over different love languages, learned that two people that look alike can be from two very different cultures and welcome it. It’s the fairy tale that taught us to be bold enough to silence outside noise and remember there’s only two people in this relationship. We loved each other when life stripped us down and the perfect, the polished was nowhere to be found. The fairy tale that had us on hands and knees, praying for each other daily. It taught me it’s possible for someone to fight for you, at times you aren’t strong enough to fight for yourself. It’s the one that has me laughing my heart out at any given moment, even my hardest ones.

My fairy tale man is thoughtful enough to remember what my fairy tale is– and do everything in his power to make it come true. Thoughtful enough to propose on an island with twinkling blue water and crystal white sand– at the top resort in the Bahamas. He holds a custom designed ring that honors my parents in heaven, with their birthstones of emerald and garnet nestled under the crown; symbolizing that although they may not be here to witness the special moments to come, with this ring, I’m reminded their love will always carry us through.

Drae, I am forever grateful to your mother, for giving birth to a human being that has the ability to bring me this much happiness.

Who believed this 24 year old couple of North Portland and Zimbabwe could come together and make this much magic?

We did.

‪#‎iSaidYes‬ this day, I will say yes all the days to come.

Image 1 of Zanele and Deondrae

Image 2 of Zanele and Deondrae

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