Zamara and Mark

Zamara's Proposal in Our apartment in Raleigh NC

How We Met

August 24th, 2013 was the first day Mark and I had met. Saturday night, my friend Ashley and I decided to attend our annual back to school party. We were pretty excited about it. We spent the whole day planning our outfits and doing our hair and makeup. We arrived at the party and just took it upon ourselves to chill on the porch the inside was way too hot. Ashley and I were talking when Mark approached Ashley and said “who is this girl?” Of course I pushed back and said “wouldn’t you like to know?” We flirted the entire time at the party, it was inevitable for us to detached, so Mark hung out with us the rest of the night. The night was finally coming to an end, Ashley volunteered to drive Mark home because it was so late. As we walked towards the car Mark asked me to sit next to him in the back seat. I was like umm okay sure. I was already so mesmerized by his blue eyes and smooth lines that I couldn’t resist. The next day I waited for Mark to text me. I got so tired of waiting that I finally texted him. He replied “Hey, I was just going to text you we finally finished Basketball practice. I felt so dumb. That same day he invited me out to accompany him to a friends cookout.

I was so nervous to see him again. A trillion things must have gone through my head, like, oh no what if he was too drunk to remember what I look like and or if it was too dark so he couldn’t see and then not find me attractive anymore. As I finally approached him he gave me this glare. All of a sudden the spiders ( doubts) that I was beginning to feel in my tummy turned into butterflies. To spare any of you of the college party details- Mark and I had a ton of fun that night. By the end of the night Mark was getting ready to walk me to my car, as we were walking out of his room, he stopped me at the door and kissed me. At that moment I felt this extreme connection. There and then I knew that Mark was my soulmate. Crazy, I know I barely knew him. Mark and I dated a little through out college- about a month before his graduation we decided to go our separate ways. A few weeks later I moved to Chapel Hill; I knew in the back of my mind that Mark was in Raleigh. It was so hard not to text him. One day out of the blue Mark texted me one morning and we instantly reconnected. From there on forward that was our beginning to our new found love story. But surprisingly the feelings we had for each other when we first me never faded away.

how they asked

Last year (2016) Mark and I decided to move in together after 2 years being madly in love we decided to get a little more serious. Little did I know, we get engaged. The Holidays were quickly approaching and I was getting annoyed by all of the engagement ads being advertised on TV and Radio. I think Mark could sense my annoyance. He kept telling me babe you know that one day it’s coming we just have to plan it right. And that just made me believe that it just wasn’t gonna happen this year(2016). For a couple of weeks Mark was acting so strange I couldn’t figure out what was going through his head. I got so upset I called my mom crying. I can hear her words till this day “Zamara don’t worry Mark loves you very much and I think the reason he’s acting weird is because he’s gonna ask for your hand in Marriage.” In the back of my head I was thinking that it just wasn’t.

The day of our planned Christmas party Mark’s family came over and so did my mom; we were exchanging gifts before dinner. My gift from Mark was the last gift. As Mark passed me this over-sized Christmas bag it was layered with three different gifts. Before i stuck my hand into the back I read the letter he typed up for me- I already knew I was gonna start crying (his letters are just that good). As I started removing tissue paper the 1st gift was a work out jacket, the 2nd was a sports bra and the 3rd was a pair of slippers; that I truly needed because Kona chewed up all of mine. I started to try on the slippers and noticed the little wooden box. I first thought okay it’s probably another necklace cause my other one broke, or a pair of earrings. I opened the box and saw the ring. I immediately closed it back up and broke down into more tears. Mark took the box from my hands and I can see how nervous he was, he had to tilt his head back to keep the blood from rushing in his head. He bent down on one knee and said “Zamara you are my best friend and the love of my life, will you Marry Me?” Sobbing and crying I shook my head and said “YES”.

Zamara and Mark's Engagement in Our apartment in Raleigh NC

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