Zakkry and Timothy

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How We Met

It was a cold winter night, I was visiting my family in Indiana, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook I come across the “people you may know” section, and there he was, Timothy, this beautiful, fresh faced man who had no idea who I was, and I had no idea who he was, but that wasn’t acceptable for me, I must reach out and say hi. A few days go by after I added Timothy and I noticed he had made a post about having a show that evening (he’s a contemporary ballet performer, and is a drag queen as well) so I messaged him asking for information about the show and how I could attend. I didn’t get to attend due to my flight back to Virginia being delayed but I told him I’d make it up to him and I asked him to dinner the following evening. We had our first date at a local artesian restaurant and from the moment I locked eyes with him, I knew, there was no going back and in that moment, I couldn’t be more thankful for social media!

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how they asked

During the fall I contacted our photographer and friend to inform her of what i wanted to do, she was immediately on board and could not contain her excitement! She did one even better though and got us a videographer as well to film the entire event! I told her that i wanted to do a surprise engagement but during a photo shoot with her. It must be in nature, something very beautiful and romantic, and it must be a complete surprise, she took it from there. She called Timothy the week of, said she needed two people to model for her so she could get photos and a video of her working for her website, he thought nothing of it and was totally game! November 29th I went and bought a the ring I knew I was going to propose with. It was everything Timothy wanted, it was white gold, diamonds, and what he would say “looks like a spider web.” I told Timothy the week before the photo shoot that I think it would be fun to have our friends over after the pictures and just have an evening in, he was totally onboard and totally unaware of what was going on. He contacted the people he wanted over and I contacted everyone I wanted over. I spoke with his mother and she got his family and friends from New York to come as well.

It was time for the photo shoot and the photographer and I had a code word “ravishing” to hint that she was ready and it was time. So I said a few words, dropped to one knee, and asked the man of my dreams, “will you marry me?” It was an emotional, heart felt, “yes!” We then headed back to our home where he couldn’t wait to tell everyone the news, little did he know, they all knew way before. We walked in and everyone yelled congratulations and due to pure shock and excitement, Timothy dropped to the ground. As I tried to help him up, he said “babe, I’ve got one for you” and proposed to me, I was so shocked but so happy at the same time. The rest of the evening was full of love, positivity, and support.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Jenn Marie
 | Photographer
Marshall Arts Studio
 | Videographer
Anique Sands & Dylan Mcintyre
 | Planning