Zak and Christina's Texas A&M Proposal

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How we met: Let’s start the story with a little tradition history and a small back story…First, it needs to be known that Texas A&M University has a tradition that when you walk under a certain tree at the heart of campus (the Century Tree) with the person you are dating it states that you are meant to get married. At the beginning of September Zak and I had some friends come into town for an aggie football game and one of our friends had never been to the Texas A&M campus so we were giving him a tour before the game. As we walked through campus showing him various buildings and telling him the traditions of our school we came across the Century Tree. Seeing as how Zak and myself met mostly after we had left central campus life I had never had the opportunity to walk under the tree with him, therefore I asked him if we could walk under the tree together to which I was responded with a small chuckle and a “…ummm no.”  As any girl would, I was greatly offended by this answer (keep that in mind when you read about my future stubbornness).

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Every year I have a close group of friends from my undergraduate time that gets together for a weekend in College Station and goes to an aggie football game. The weekend of September 21, 2013 was our designated weekend for the year. As we all prepared to head to campus we discussed how early we should arrive. Naturally everyone did not want to arrive too early in the smoldering heat, but Zak wanted to go like 3 hours earlier than required. He kept saying that he needed to get there early enough to meet his friend Daniel who was supposed to be attending the game with us. I didn’t understand why we needed to go so early to meet him, but Zak persistently argued that we needed that much time and that he already told Daniel a certain time period. Seeing as how everyone else (like 9-10 people) wanted to go later I kept pushing him to call his friend and just tell him to meet us at a later time, but again Zak pushed back and said he couldn’t change the time. I was extremely frustrated because Zak is usually a very laid-back, go with the flow person and he was being very hard-headed about this issue, therefore I told him, “Quit being so selfish today, the world does not revolve around you.” (Ooooops).

Reluctantly we all headed to campus and walked to the designated meeting area which was around the statue of ole’ Sul Ross (located right next to the Century Tree). Since we were wasting time waiting for his buddy, Zak asked me if I wanted to walk under the Century Tree with him. My reply, “Definitely not, you wouldn’t walk under it with me a couple of weeks ago so I am not walking under it with you now”. Zak seemed taken aback by my answer but persistently asked me to walk under the tree with him. I, of course, being the stubborn girl who held a grudge continually refused. As time passed and his friend never showed up some of my friends drifted in different directions to accomplish various tasks before the game. Eventually it was just Zak and I sitting on a bench waiting for his friend to show up; Zak continuously pushing me to walk under the tree with him. Grudgingly, and by now with frustration and anger, I agreed to walk under the tree with him as long as he promised we could catch up with the rest of my friends afterwards. As we walked under the tree Zak began talking about how he appreciated me agreeing to walk under the tree with him on his birthday (side note… Zak’s birthday is in May). I kept interrupting him telling him it wasn’t his birthday and he wasn’t making any sense, eventually I quieted enough for him to get more than three words out of his mouth. He began talking about the number of days he had been alive and how many days the sun had set (along with various other number oriented things, which I would be lying if I told you I could remember) and then he went into saying that none of those numbers mattered as long as he spent the rest of his life spending those days with me. At this point we were under the dead center of the Century Tree with its drooping branches all around us and Zak down on one knee. I finally realized why he had been acting so out of character all day long and simultaneously realized that I had been rude to him the entire time. Naturally I squealed a little and said yes… followed by numerous apologies for being so mean all day long.

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One of my best friends, and a bridesmaid (Emily) was the only one who knew this was going to happen this weekend so she snuck off but was watching and taking pictures at a distance. After the proposal we all laughed together about how they thought it was never going to happen because of my refusal to walk under the tree. They also disclosed that the tour around campus a few weeks prior was just a mock trial run of planning the proposal and that I almost ruined it by asking Zak to walk under the tree with me the first time. All in all, I almost ruined the best day of my life!

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