Zaira and Jose

How We Met: for many years I worked at a bank institution, I had recently requested to transfer to a different location due to my school schedule to be closer to college. I got transfer to the location Jose had been working for over a year, as my first day arrived I got there ten minutes earlier to work, I sat in the lobby while I waited for my manager. Jose was the first person to come in and said to me “Good morning” with a soft smile, I right away noticed his huge dimples. As days passed by we began to work some shifts together, when I would work with him it was so much fun, he’s indeed a very funny, one night I was telling my sisters about him and one of them said to me “have you noticed how much you smile when you talk about him?” I said “you’re crazy we are just friends” after that comment I started to realize In fact I would often think of him and his silly jokes, how I would look forward to work with him (I would count the days in between). One night I had to send a group message to the whole branch to remind them to wear jeans since it was Friday the next day. He continued to text me, around the corner was our company Christmas party, in which out of the employees I happen to get him in our secret santa game, at the party we exchanged gifts, from that night on, the rest is history. After few months of “dating” he made it official to ask me out to be his girlfriend. Couple of months later we found out we were expecting, it was indeed a HUGE surprise (as couples of years before my doctor had told me I couldn’t have kids, and if I did want any it would be a very long and hard process) Yes, we might have done things “backwards” as many would say but sometimes you have to take some steps back in order to move forward. I feel after having our beautiful baby girl it brought us closer as a couple and made us stronger. She’s the biggest blessing in our lives, I’m forever grateful for having Jose as my daughter father, he’s the greatest. I never knew how much I loved him until I saw how much he loves our baby girl. I believe that Gods timing is everything, I’m truly blessed.

how they asked: Every year Jose family likes to take a “family vacation” this time around they picked Punta Cana, the most beautiful place I have seen yet.

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On our flight to Punta Cana he asked me what I would like to do while we were there, I simply asked for a date night and go dancing (being parents it’s hard to have that often) We arrived to our beautiful resort, we got all settled in, they explained to us that we were entitled to have three dinner reservations, two of them we all had dinner at different restaurants inside the resort.

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Our last night there July 4th, we made a reservation for just us three, (him, our daughter and I) as dinner progressed my mother in law came to pick up our daughter so we could have some “alone time” (that doesn’t happen often with a toddler) I was a bit confused but didn’t ask much. We had a delicious Italian dinner.After dinner my mother in law said come to the beach so we could stay to watch the show of fireworks they had set up for the 4th of July. As we walked towards the beach there was Bruno Mars song “marry me” playing I joking said to him “omg babe someone is going to propose” he giggle and said why you say that? I said “because every engagement video I have seen they all play this song” he continued to laugh as we made our way into the beach we reunited with my inlaws and our daughter, we waited and waited for the fireworks so he asked me to go for a walk with him, he grabbed my hand and we walked along side the ocean and the big bright full moon looking down at us.

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He asked me “What has been your favorite part of this trip?” I had gone parasailing that morning so I quickly replied “parasailing” then I asked “What’s your favorite part?” He replied “This one!”

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He began to say all these sweet words, then it hit me “ITS HAPPENING” I started to cry, my heart was racing and my hands were shaking. He got down in one knee as our daughter watched us and asked me to marry him. Between laughter, crying all at the same time I catched my breath a replied with a big YES. We hugged for a while as the Fireworks started to light up the sky, it was the perfect timing.

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(When I saw the ring I realized it was the same ring I had seen months ago when he was buying his mom a Christmas present, I had told the sales lady I really loved it, that same day he had gone back to ask the sales lady while I was shopping at a different store which ring I had liked) then I started to cry some more. It was the perfect night, I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

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