Zain and Iqra

Image 1 of Zain and Iqra

So I could not have done this fancy proposal without the help of Iqra’s older sister. The proposal was done at a park in Ashburn, VA. Friends and family lined up alongside the pier and there was rose petals and candles spread all down the path. The pier led to a gazebo that had candle and rose petals in the shape of a heart and that’s where I got down on one knee to propose to Iqra. To make the proposal even more special I had a Bluetooth speaker play Iqra’s favorite song, I See The Light, from the movie Tangled. My favorite part of the proposal was when I asked Iqra to marry me, she didn’t say “Yes”. She said “Of Course!”

Image 2 of Zain and Iqra

Image 3 of Zain and Iqra

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