Zahra and Rahim

How We Met

We met on Facebook! He said he was drawn to my profile pic and requested to add me as a friend and when I saw our mutual friends were mostly family, it seemed like a good idea! I accepted the request and later that month he wished me happy birthday! I replied thank you which sparked another reply from him and then a re-reply from me which led to starting a private message chat and then 8 hours of texting and messaging our first night.

How They Asked

As Rahim and I are a long distance relationship we didn’t have many pictures together and we also did everything a bit backwards which was perfect for us! We had already decided on a wedding date before actually getting engaged and as he was coming down to see me in July I thought we could get some professional pictures taken as we had decided to do the twilight picnic as a date night on the date one year out from our set wedding date. I had asked Hayley as I love her candid style and the pictures she’s done for me in the past if she could do a mini session for us. Little did I know, Rahim was talking to her too secretly letting her in on his plan for proposing during these photos! I decided to get my hair and make up done by a good friend, Jasmine (Beautybyjay_mua) as I secretly thought maybe he would propose as it was a year out. We got ready and met Hayley at the Gardens, one of my favorite spots in the city, especially the Aga Khan Garden. Being an Ismaili Muslim it holds part of my identity and is such a peaceful, calming place. It was great as Rahim was also able to see this place too, knowing what it meant to me. I was excited to show him my favorite spot, which incidentally as I had been talking so much about it he proposed in! We started at the Japanese Gardens taking a few casual pictures and made our way over to the Aga Khan Garden. I was a little curious as to why we didn’t pick up our picnic at the entrance like everyone else and Rahim quickly recovered saying that ours was actually going to be delivered when we were done, so I didn’t think much of it. At the Aga Khan Garden we took few pictures then started to make our way to my favorite spot! I was excited but had forgotten about this idea of him proposing, as I was so in the moment and enjoying our time. We got to the Chowk fountain which has diagonal crossing lines of water and actually means the connecting and coming together of people with different backgrounds, representing diversity and pluralism. Hayley asked if anyone needed any bug spray which was Rahim’s cue to get the ring out! I declined and she distracted me by having me pose alone to “check the lighting”. Then she placed Rahim and next thing I knew Rahim was getting down on his knee and pulling out a ring box! Even though I had been so sure he was going too, I was so surprised!! It was an absolutely shocking yet perfect moment complete with smiles, laughter and tears! I did of course say YES!


Special Thanks

Shandro Photo
 | Photography
Devonian Botanical Gardens
 | Location