Zahira and Jose

How We Met: Zahira & Jose met in a get-together on one of her best friend’s house. One of the things that Zahira & Jose have in common is that they both work in the wedding industry, she is one of the Top Destination Wedding Planners in Puerto Rico and he is a Destination Wedding Photographer. Since the moment they met, they became inseparable friends.  After a few months Jose invited Zahira to Punta Cana, in Dominican Republic and on a lovely evening after dinner he asked her to be his girlfriend. Their love for weddings and salsa dancing pretty much sums up how they love story started.


how they asked

Jose, planed a beautiful surprise with her family and friends. He asked one of her friends at San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaries Casino to contact Zahira for a regular business meeting at the Hotel. After a nice lunch, some business chat and planning out weddings, Roxy asks her to join her to see one of the hotel ballrooms. Zahira followed along and entered the surprise of her life. A canopy adorned with flowers, ambience lighting and their favorite song, playing in the background.

A spot light reflected and there he was,  inside the canopy waiting for her. Zahíra walked in tears towards him, he grabbed her hands and asked her to be his wife. Zahíra’s father, siblings, friends, along with her son, Sebastian, stepped out a curtain where they all hid and joined the emotional and happy moment.

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