Sarah and Zack

Wedding Proposal Ideas in St. Louis, Missouri

How We Met

When Zack and I were sophomores in high school, he transferred into my school to play hockey. My friend Annie’s dad was the coach of our high school’s hockey team, and she told me the summer before the sophomore year that she had met a boy version of me, and that we would get married one day. I hadn’t even met Zack, so I brushed it off and laughed. When sophomore year started I found a moose stuffed animal purse at my house, and I started carrying it around the school as a joke because we had uniforms and it was fun to be unique. Zack was on the Varsity hockey team and one of the seniors on the team gave him a Blue Build-A-Bear with a Blues Jersey to carry around school.

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Zack would always walk around the halls of our high school with his bear’s head peeping out of his backpack. We NEVER talked to each other because we were both nervous, but on my 16th birthday, my friend Annie surprised me at my house before school with a cookie cake and… a Blue Build-A-Bear that matched Zack’s. She told me I had to carry it around school all day. I was SO embarrassed and nervous to walk around school with it, but at the end of the day, my friend Annie made us take a photo together- even though we were still too nervous to say anything to each other. Finally, about a month later Zack and I finally started talking, and he asked me for the Christmas dance at our school that year, which is where we started dating.

Proposal Ideas St. Louis, Missouri

How They Asked

It’s Christmas time and Zack and I are in our hometown of St. Louis to see family for a few days, and Zack’s niece Riley who had just turned two got glasses and could see for the first time. Everyone was so excited when they put the glasses on her, so Zack’s mom decided that we had to take Riley to see Christmas lights with the whole family. My mom had just come to town, so they told me that we should all go and spend time together. I agreed and we got the Anheuser Busch Brewery Lights and started walking around taking family photos. I work as a photographer in Boston, so I was trying to find the perfect spot to take photos of Zack’s niece. After taking a few photos of Zack’s family, Zack grabbed my hand and said, “Sarah, let’s get a photo of us.” I was so clueless that I said, “Oh we don’t really need any we have tons of photos of us.” He said, “Come on, let’s just take a couple.” So he pulled me out into the spot and took both of my hands, and started his speech.

The road started to clear and tons of people crowded around to watch. At that point, it started to dawn on me what was happening and I said “no… no.. no..!” (out of pure shock and nervousness because there were SO MANY people around– not to mention our families) Zack panicked and said, “NO?!?” and apparently (He tells this part of the story because I was so in shock I blanked) Zack said I just looked shocked so he continued with his little speech and got down on his knee.

I said yes and he slid the ring on my finger, and everyone cheered and clapped as we kissed and he picked me up and spun me around. When he put me down I could barely stand up I was shaking because I was so happy. Our families crowded around (plus my dad who was hiding out in the crowd) and we got so many hugs. Its been the best 30 hours of my life telling everyone and celebrating!