Lauren and Zack

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How We Met

It all started in 2010, we were sophomores in high school at our Homecoming football game. We started the night with flirty stares and smiles and ended the night play fighting over the clip in my hair (which he still has,btw). And that’s all it took, I was completely hooked on him and I swear I knew I would marry him one day. He was the ONLY boy I dated ever, he was my first and ONLY boy I ever kissed, he was my first everything. We started dating on October 18, 2010 (of course I remember the date) and became the greatest best friends. I’m not gonna say it was always sunshine and rainbows because there were tough times and heartbreak but we fought hard! High school graduation came and went, I moved to a college 6 hours away and he stayed back home and went to school locally. I hated it, I wanted to move back that’s what I did! I lasted a semester because my heart was broken that I couldn’t see him every day. But then a year later he moved 6 hours away, I was in shock and so upset. We spent 1 year in a long distance relationship and it was the toughest year of my life. I battled depression and anxiety. Short visits were nice but not enough and he knew that so August 20, 2015 I moved with him and we just celebrated a year of living together a few months ago and now I’m engaged to the only boy I’ve loved, who proposed to me on Christmas Eve in front of his family. Unfortunately my parents couldn’t make the trip but he called beforehand to ask for permission like a gentleman. I’m so happy!! I’m so in love!! Let the planning begin!!

how they asked

Zack asked me to marry him in his grandmas house on Christmas Eve while I was on Santa’s lap. It was beautiful and perfect and his uncle proposed to his aunt in the same very room 17 years ago.

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