Zack and Kendra

Image 3 of Zack and Kendra

How We Met

We are from the same home town so we had always known of each other. But eventually, I made the first move by DM’ing her on IG.

How They Asked

My fiancé is very into art so I decided I wanted to have a painting created to propose to her. I decided to reach out to a local artist to create a painting of me proposing to her. And in the painting was the same outfit that I wanted to be wearing that night I proposed. It took months of planning to get her to wear the outfit I wanted her to wear that night (had to come up with a couple of white lies haha). I also rented out an art gallery in my town and had every painting taken down except for the painting of the proposal. I then invited about 70 friends and family members to be there during this occasion. I also hired a photographer and videographer to capture this special moment.

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So the day comes and we start getting ready for dinner because I didn’t want her to be on an empty stomach when I asked her to marry me, she isn’t the nicest when she is hungry and if she hadn’t eaten she might have said No lol. After dinner, I convince her to tie a bandana around her eyes so she can’t see what is going on and then I take her to the art gallery to ask her to spend the rest of her life with me in front of our friends and family.

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She said yes after a brief pause (longest pause of my life, I couldn’t breathe). And then we all went down to a nightclub in our hometown that I rented out that night to celebrate. It was such a beautiful night and I rewatch the video I posted on IG multiple times a month just to remind myself that she is truly special!