Zachary and Jordan

Image 1 of Zachary and Jordan

How We Met

Both of us studied engineering at the University of Oklahoma. We actually had the exact same calculus classes for about 3 years, and we would see each other but never talked. It wasn’t until we ran into each other at a Christmas Party during our junior years that we finally started talking. She claims she made the first move, but I think I did. It’s still up for debate. Needless to say, we both love Christmas time and especially love it to this day as like an anniversary of first officially meeting. We exchanged numbers at the party, and I invited her to a study group to prepare for our last calculus final. We made plans to meet for dinner after our final, and that was our first date. We’ve now been happily together for over 4 years, and our excited to spend the rest of our lives together.

How They Asked

I tried to keep it a surprise, but apparently she knew what was coming the whole way haha. It was a week before her birthday and our work lives were about to become extremely busy, so I tried to disguise the proposal as an early birthday getaway. I took her to Oklahoma City, just 20 miles north of my hometown and where we went to college. I made dinner reservations at Vast, a very fancy restaurant that sits atop Devon Tower, 100 stories high, overlooking OKC. I wanted to make her feel on top of the world on her special day. Before dinner, I took her on a walk through Scissortail Park, a new and beautiful park that had opened up just a year before. Not only is it scenic and pretty, but I think it will grow into an amazing park once all the trees have matured, and I think it is a great analogy of how marriages grow. It’s my plan to bring her back on an anniversary after more years together once the park has matured. After plenty of steak and champagne at Vast, I took her to Bricktown where I had her close friends ready to surprise her at one of our favorite wineries. We capped off the night with wine, friends, and celebrating over the phone with family. She claims it was all perfect, and I was so happy to make her my fiancée.