Chelsea and Zachary

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How We Met

Here’s a video of our love story (proposal video is below!)

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how they asked

HE WAS COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!! I would get to be with him for two whole weeks!! I was freaking out because we hadn’t been together for that long since he joined the Army, so I was really happy! That weekend my friend was having her bachelorette party in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Venetian Hotel and had a blast! It was Saturday now and we were going to head back home! The next day I was going to see Zach and I couldn’t wait! All the girls wanted to do a photo shoot for fun before we left, so we got all fixed up! Before we went outside to try to find a place to take pictures, my friends wanted to take me somewhere- it was on a balcony in the Venetian with this beautiful waterfall.

As I’m looking around, I look down to see a guy in an Army uniform. No… Way… was that really him?? It couldn’t be!… I was talking to him this whole time over the phone! And he wasn’t flying home until tomorrow!!! So many emotions were running through my mind right now! All I could do was stand there in tears.

My friends kept saying “go down and see him!” So I went down the escalator, my friend Kim was with me taking pictures and capturing this magical moment the whole entire time! Once I got down, I ran over to him and just hugged him. This felt so unreal holding him again. Everything felt perfect and it was one of those moments where time stood still. This wasn’t the only surprise though..

He was telling me how much he loved me and said to look behind me. I slowly turn around and look up to my best friends and my sister holding up posters saying: “Will You Marry Me?” I quickly look back at him, he was down on his one knee, saying those words that girls can’t wait to hear and opening up the rose where the ring was inside. It was GORGEOUS, it was exactly the ring I dreamt it would be! I couldn’t believe this day was actually happening!! My best friend just asked me to be his forever! This was all I wanted for Christmas and my wish came true! To top it off, my family was also there, hiding and filming/taking pictures! I’m so glad all the people in my life that I love we’re apart of it. It was the best Christmas present ever.

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