Zach and Karleigh

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How We Met

I first saw Karleigh when I was a member of Lifetime Fitness and she was a sales counselor. I always noticed how beautiful she was, but could never muster the courage to introduce myself. Finally, on my last day as a member of LTF, armed with a nothing but a half-eaten Chipotle Burrito, I charged into battle…….Peaking my head into her office, I opened my mouth to say hello, but before I said a word, I took a second to acknowledge the potential of that moment and remember thinking: “Am I about to speak my first words to the woman that will one day be my wife”? Sure enough, I was! With a Smile, I said “Hey, I can’t bear to see my leftover Chipotle Burrito go to waste. Do y’all have an employee fridge or something that you could store this in while I work out”? With hesitation, she agreed to my request and I knew she was something special when she delivered my precious Chipotle back to me unharmed. After collecting the burrito, I almost walked out of the building never to see her again, but somehow mustered the courage to write my number on a napkin. Booming with manufactured confidence, I walked back into her office, put the napkin with my number on her desk and said: “This is my last day as a member here, so if you don’t text me, you’ll never see me again and you don’t have to worry about it being awkward!” She laughed and said “Perfect”! Not knowing Karleigh’s precious proclivity to saying things that sound so different from what she actually means, I assumed I would never hear from her. haha 3 days later, at one of my best friends weddings, I received the greatest text message that I will ever receive: “Hey, It’s Karleigh from LTF. How are you”? After a couple days of texting, I invited her to watch a San Antonio Spurs game with me, and the rest is history!!

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how they asked

The morning of Saturday, February 24th, Karleigh thought I was out of town for work and that she was going to see Black Panther at Alamo Drathouse with her family. Instead, she got an epic proposal video featuring me and her family.

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After the video, I stormed into the theater, popped the question, and revealed that the entire theater was packed with our closest friends and family. We then took the party to a local bar and celebrated the occasion the only way we know how….. Pictures attached of the aftermath.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Alamo Drafthouse
 | Insanely awesome customer service
New Braunfels Storage
 | More Insanely awesome customer service. Kandi specifically :)
Joel Block
 | A-list Acting skills and leant me his studio at no cost. He's a big time Audio producer in Austin so it was incredibly generous.