Zac and Anna

Image 1 of Zac and Anna

How We Met

I met Anna when I was hanging out with some friends in the student center at our college. She walked in with her friend Robin. Robin sat down and began to play chess with my friend Cam. Next thing I knew I was sitting at a chess table across the room playing against Anna. As we played, I quickly realized that she was not your ordinary girl. She was filled with adventure, humor, intelligence, and beauty. She had it all.

Image 2 of Zac and Anna

I ended up losing the series to her but I still felt like I had won that day just by meeting her. The crazy thing was that this meeting had occurred a month before I was supposed to transfer schools. We spent the rest of our time together stargazing, watching movies, and eating good food. A couple of months later she agreed to be my girlfriend. From there, our relationship took off and has never stopped growing. I am so thankful that our paths crossed that day.

Image 3 of Zac and Anna

How They Asked

I had originally planned to propose to Anna at an overlook. However, when the day came my plan got switched around. A word from the wise. Always have more than one plan. You never know what could go wrong. The day had finally come. The day I was going to propose to Anna. My bestfriend Cam and I had gone to the spot and rehearsed the plan a few times and were ready for the big day. The first part of the plan went great. I picked Anna up from the hotel that she was staying with her parents and we went to eat lunch at Tipsy Taco. I had spent the previous week talking her into going on a hike on that day so she had no idea that I was going to propose.

Image 4 of Zac and Anna

Cam was supposed to drive ahead of us to the spot to hide out so that he could take pictures of the proposal. While Anna and I are eating, I get a call from Cam. I go to the bathroom to answer it. He explains that we cannot get to the spot today because it’s locked by a gate. In a moment of panic, I devise another plan. The hike I had told Anna we were going on was a place I had never been to before. The place I told her we were going hiking was different from the spot. I told Cam to go to the hiking spot. Anna and I left lunch and headed towards the hike. I had no idea where I was going to propose on this hike so I decided to take a chance. We passed Cam on the way because he pulled over on the road but Anna did not notice his car.

Somehow Cam was never able to catch back up and lack of service killed our communication. I still had to go on but I had no surprise photographer. Anna and I started the hike and along the way, I could not stop thinking about whether or not the end of this hike would be the spot to do it. There was one point where I tried to secretly hand my phone to a stranger with a note that read ” Follow us to the end and take pictures. I’m going to propose.” However, it didn’t work and the stranger just handed me back my phone. Then we got to the end and I felt a wave of relief. It was absolutely beautiful. This was the perfect spot. I was going to propose to Anna here. I told her I wanted to use the timer on my phone camera to take a picture. I set my phone up and start recording a video. Then I got down on one knee and asked the girl of my dreams to marry me. I received the greatest yes of my life that day. Now, we are getting married on September 13th!