Yvonne and Louis

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How We Met

Louis and Yvonne met in University and have been dating for over 2 years. Before their third anniversary, they planned a big trip to Mykonos, Greece and Louis wanted to propose to Yvonne. He knows that Yvonne loves fireworks and that is the starting point of the whole planning process. Louis hired a proposal planner to help him orchestrate the plan and manage the execution so that his romantic proposal dream can come true.

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how they asked

When Louis invited his girlfriend Yvonne for an early romantic dinner at one of Toronto’s stylish restaurant FIGO, she figured it was a date night he arranged to plan their upcoming Greece vacation. Much to her surprise the evening unfolded into a well orchestrated series of surprises impeccably planned to the second by Carmen from Devoted to You. The ride home after dinner took a small detour dropping the couple of to the Billy Bishop airport where they took off on a mini city tour. The ride landed at the picturesque Eagle’s Nest Golf club surrounded with a golden sunset. Here the couple was welcomed by a golf cart adorned with a cascading bouquet of soft pastel florals by Sara Baig Designs.

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The journey through the sea of fescue covered dunes culminated into the grandiose, cement stairs of the terrace, where Sara and team had designed an intimate lounge setting complete with 300 candles, champagne and a soft, cashmere throw to keep the couple warm. What followed was the most romantic proposal a girl could ever dream of.

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As Louis got down on his knees with a ring, an overwhelmed, teary eyed Yvonne said yes at the soft serenade of the live saxophone. Just then the sky exploded into a series of spectacular fire works making this the most memorable evening of their lives!

Each element was designed with the intention of elevating the element of surprise for Yvonne, the visual grandness of the staircase and the natural surroundings into something elegant. The creative team of vendors put much care and thought into each detail resulting into a seamlessly planned, designed, documented and executed proposal.

The stairs of the terrace had over 300 candles punctuated by a mirror installation. We had Doris from Love Lettering Studio hand calligraphy the mirror with Louis’s favourite quote dedicated to Yvonne. The proposal reflected Yvonne’s love for fireworks, pastel toned florals and most of all their love for one another.

Special Thanks

Devoted To You Inc.
 | Planning
Joee Wong
 | Photographer
Derek Chan Films
 | Videographer