Yvonne and Joey

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How We Met

We met during my last week at university, his friend lived in the same university halls as me and he came over as there was a party. Two weeks after leaving university and returning home, a friend of his introduced us after I asked about him. We started speaking and went on our first date within the same week. It all happened very fast as it just felt right and we immediately had a connection. Fast forward four years later, he asked me to be his wife and our eternal love story started.

how they asked

On 9th December 2016, I was at work and received an email from Joey saying that I have 12 hours to pack as we were going on a trip to celebrate achieving our goals for the year and his recent promotion. Being someone that is spontaneous and having arranged similar trips in the past with little notice, I went along with it and packed my bags for the next day. On 10th December at 4 am, we made our way to the airport and I still had no knowledge of where we were going. My favourite country is Italy so I was hoping it was there or Santorini as I previously wanted to go there. A few hours later, we arrived in Italy and despite it being December, it was surprisingly warm at 18 degrees celcius.

He hired a car at the airport so I still had no idea where we was going in Napales. Two hours later we arrived on the stunning Amalfi Coast and checked into the NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, which has stunning views. We went out to explore the town of Amalfi, a little after an hour he said that we should go back and get dressed up for dinner. Since I wanted to stay in the town a little longer, I was a little annoyed but agreed to return to the hotel anyway. After having a shower and getting dressed, he went missing. I went to look for him in the hotel with no luck and was instead guided to the balcony of the hotel where he proposed just as the sun was setting and our eternal love story began.

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