Yvonne and Gabriel

How We Met

Gabriel and I met in 2014 when he moved to Boston to train as a trauma and ICU fellow. I had just finished my ICU training at that time, and was starting my cardiac training for the year. We have a mutual friend- one of his best friends from medical school was also my friend from residency who said we needed to meet when he found out Gabriel was coming to Boston. The medical community is a small world and I realized we actually had several mutual friends. I remember the day we met- I was post call and our friends arranged a beach trip for a bunch of us. I was tired from being on call and wanted to take a nap but Gabriel invited me to fly a kite on the beach. We started talking and have been together since.

How They Asked

We were traveling in Australia and were spending time with his family to celebrate his father’s birthday. He planned an entire day for the two of us where we drove to the Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road on the southern coast. We were walking along the edge and he was looking for a secluded area. I knew at that point that he was about to propose and he did!



Special Thanks

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