Yvette and Julio

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At his house , on the day of our gender reveal

How We Met

We met in 6th grade, I always thought he was cute, and he says that he always liked me also but neither one of us built the courage to tell one another how we felt. 7 years after that, I guess he finally built the courage and decided to ask me out on our first date. I remember I was so nervous and just kept babbling on and on and he sweetly interrupted me and told me how beautiful I was. Although we had such a great time together, it wasn’t until 3 years after this that we became boyfriend and girlfriend.

How They Asked

After dating for almost two years we were both overjoyed to find out we were going to have a baby! On the day of our gender reveal both of our families got together and we were all anxiously waiting to open the box and find out what our baby would be. When I opened the box white balloons came out. I was so confused at first and then I saw a balloon in the shape of a ring. When I realized what was happening I turned around and saw the love of my life on one knee. There are no words to explain what I felt that day. My emotions were running crazy filled with happiness, I was only expecting to get one surprise that day and I got two!! I can honestly say that this day was the BEST day of my life! So here we are 12 years later and it was definitely worth the wait. He tells me that he always knew he would marry me but I still can’t believe I am engaged and having a baby boy with my 6th-grade crush!

Yvette and Julio's Engagement in At his house , on the day of our gender reveal

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