Yvette and Devon

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How We Met

We met at a rodeo in Sisters, Oregon (of all places to meet!). A mutual friend had invited a group of friends to attend the rodeo and stay in a beautiful cabin in Black Butte, Oregon. I attended with my boyfriend of the time, and Devon (my current fiancé) came with his group of friends. We all had a great time enjoying the festivities, but something changed after that weekend. When I first met Devon upon arriving at the cabin, there was an indescribable attraction that had me looking his way all weekend…. I was star struck. Little did I know that he was feeling the exact same way the whole weekend. About a week after the rodeo had ended, I had broken up with my old boyfriend and Devon and I had become inseparable. From golfing to camping, to staying up late each night talking the night away, we never left each other’s sides from then on.

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how they asked

We were headed to Bend, Oregon for a weekend getaway where I was told we would be spending time hiking, brewery hopping, relaxing, and ending the weekend with and architectural charity event (Devon is an architect, just for background info). Little did I know, he had the ENTIRE weekend planned to lead up to him proposing! The first day started off strong with me forgetting my dress that I was supposed to wear for the architecture event (which was never actually going to take place, but the outfit was what I would wear on that special day), so we spent that day shopping and relaxing around the Old Mill District. He even bought himself an outfit so not be suspicious. The rest of the weekend was spend hiking and drinking and enjoying our Airbnb on a farm with adorable goats and animals that we got to play with.

On Sunday, the final day of our weekend, we got dressed up expecting to walk around the city and then end up at the architectural charity event. We both looked great, and I still had absolutely no idea what was about to happen. We were on our way to the event when Devon mentioned that we should stop off at Smith Rock in Bend to see an installation by a famous architect, so I said sure since we had time in between then and the event. He showed me a photo of the installation but was unsure of where it was placed. He had been texting a co-worker of his for information of where to go, but we were still a little lost. We finally parked on the rim, got out of the car and walked around to see if we could see it. What I didn’t know was that Katy Weaver was the person he had been speaking to the entire time and he was trying to coordinate a location to capture our proposal!!! This is a key point in the story considering I am a HUGE fan of her work and had been following her on Instagram for months. I am also a photographer and always talked to Devon time and time again about how amazing she was. He decided that he would hire her to capture our special moment, but the bump in the road was that when he asked her in November of last year, she was not available until August of the following year…… So, he waited until she was able to capture that special moment since he knew how much it would mean to me to have her shoot it.

So we get down to the rim at Smith Rock and I can’t see the installation anywhere. It had been raining on and off all day, and at that moment, the clouds broke and the sun was shining through. Devon turned me around and took a photo of me to get me in the right position (not that I knew that THAT was what he was doing), then put his phone away, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! I was in such shock that I couldn’t even answer for about 20 seconds…. But eventually I caught my breath and was able to answer with a big YES!!! The tears were falling, and he turns to me and asks me if I can see that girl up the hill through my tears and mascara rolling over my cheeks, and he revealed that Katy had been shooting the proposal the entire time, AND that we were to do our engagement shoot THAT VERY MOMENT!!! I totally lost it…… Our shoot couldn’t have been more perfect and sincere, and our emotions in each photo were so genuine. I felt so lucky to have had the opportunity to have our photos taken by someone that was as excited and in the moment as we were, and I couldn’t believe that Devon had been so patient to put that entire weekend together.

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To top it all off, after the shoot was over, Devon reveled one last surprise. I am a pharmacy student, and he had contacted my professor and requested the next day off for me and had booked couples massages for us to enjoy for the following day! What he didn’t tell me was that the place we were staying in that night was the original cabin in Black Butte Oregon where we met almost 5 years ago, back to where it all started. When we got to the cabin, he sat in the same chair that he was sitting in when I met him, he looked at me and we both just smiled. He is my better half, and I couldn’t imagine spending my life without him. I’m glad I don’t have to!!

I am so grateful to have had Katy as our photographer, and our photo shoot was a once in a lifetime experience. We are also so excited to have her shoot our wedding coming up this September, I’m sure they will be absolutely stunning. Thanks again Katy!!!

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Special Thanks

Katy Weaver
 | Photographer