Yvette and Anthony

How We Met

Our story began in middle school, just a couple of 11-year-old 6th graders. My fiancé and I met in 6th grade and dated throughout middle school. When it came time to move to on to high school, we temporary lost contact when we attended different schools. Although we attended different schools, we would always seem to run into each other through mutual friends and Yvette’s older brother. Then there was Facebook. My fiancé friend-requested me in which I accepted. He would use the “poke” technique to get my attention and eventually decided to reach out and message me. Being that we were both in our early mid-20s, I thought it would be awkward since we hadn’t held an actual conversation since we were kids! But as we exchanged numbers and started catching up, it was as if we never lost contact. He then asked to meet up for a date on Friday night October 11, 2013. Our first date ended at Santa Monica Pier where we stayed until 4 am sunrise.

how they asked

Normally I’m good at figuring out when he tries to plan something for me and it’s kind of hard to catch me by surprise, or so I thought. My fiancé had been planning and saving for our engagement for months and I had no clue.

Yvette's Proposal in Santa Monica, CA

When I would be away from my phone, he would quickly go into my contacts and collect all the numbers to those he knew meant the most to me. He reached out to them all and asked them to be a part of his proposal. My fiancé and I have this pack to always make time for one another and our relationship. Every other weekend we go on a date night in which we switch off on turns and surprise the other giving them no details to the night. So, its February 18th on a Saturday evening and it’s my fiancés turn for date night. He tells me he’s taking me to a restaurant in Santa Monica and I needed to dress nice. I got all dolled up and didn’t think much of it other than its our standard date night. We dropped our son off with my aunt and drove off to Santa Monica Pier. So, we arrived, parked and took a few selfies together before we headed off to the pier. As we began to walk down the pier, I started questioning myself if there was a restaurant at the end of the pier that maybe I never paid attention to. As we reach approached the end of the pier I see this Hugh crowd staring out towards the water, not thinking anything of it other than its really packed. All of a sudden, I noticed out the corner of my peripheral that my fiancé stepped back from me and the crowd in front of me turned around. It was our family including our son who we had just dropped off! When I saw everyone’s face, I was just so confused and I asked in confusion “What are you guys all doing here?”, I turned around to ask my fiancé and he was down on his knee with the ring out smiling, teary eyed and asked “Babe, will you marry me?”.

My fiancé had the geofilter created for snapchat and had hired one of his friends who is a photographer to capture the moment.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Santa Monica, CA

Proposal Ideas Santa Monica, CA

Yvette and Anthony's Engagement in Santa Monica, CA

Our wedding date is based off our first date, Friday night October 11th and soon we will spend Friday night October 11th 2019 as Mr. & Mrs. Calderon.

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