Yvette and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I have known each other for what feels like an entire lifetime. We went to middle and high school together, but never actually met. I was a swimmer and he was a tennis player. During swim practice, random tennis balls would come flying into the pool and smack me right in the face! I would get so annoyed, so one day I hopped up onto the diving board and threw the tennis ball right at his face while yelling “stop throwing your stupid balls into the pool and learn to play!” That was the extent of our conversations in high school. Andrew and I “officially” met my freshman year of college. I was going to school in Tallahassee and he was going to school in Fort Myers. It was Christmas break when we first started talking. I had come home for break and so did he. We had mutual friends somehow for years and never even knew. I’ll never forget the night we met. We were at a mutual friends house when I heard a knock on the door. All the girls were getting ready to go out to a country bar and the boys were on the way. I went to open the door, and when I did, it was love at first sight. He smiled at me with that stupid smile he always gives me and I was hooked. I had recognized him almost instantaneously from high school.

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I ran back inside and slammed the door giggling. My girlfriends were so confused until I told them we had gone to school together. Long story short, that entire night he never even tried to talk to me. It was a little disappointing but I understood why, I was still technically in a relationship with my high school sweetheart. He was very respectful of the fact that I was trying to figure out how to break up with the first love of my life. My HSSW was a very kind and amazing guy, but I knew he wasn’t the one for me. It took me about two months after to really figure out how to break it off. Fast forward to spring break, we both came back home (both single) and ended up hanging out all break. He STILL had not made a move! One night I lied and said I had left my keys inside and was locked out of the house. I knew that if I didn’t imitate he never would have because he was very respectful. Once I planted the seed, it didn’t take him long to realize I was interested in him. That same night I finally asked him “are you ever going to kiss me or not?!” He just smiled and the rest was history.

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We have been together for 8 years now, with a few breaks in between because let’s face it, we were only 18 and 19 when we started dating. We had ALOT of room to grow and needed that time to come into our own. It wasn’t easy, but boy was it worth it. Okay now that I wrote our origin story, time for the good part…

how they asked

It was on November 23, 2017 (Thanksgiving) that my best friend proposed to me. He had been planning this for about two months with my family and close friend. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because I enjoy cooking and spending time with family. Family means everything to me and it’s the one holiday that has nothing to do with gifts, it’s all about love and being thankful for what we have. Andrew knew that marriage had been on my mind for years and he always teased me that I would always be the one friend that never got married because all of my friends around me were either getting engaged and/or were already engaged or married. He had a sick sense of humor you could say! Anyways, thanksgiving morning came and I was slaving away in the kitchen cooking the entire meal from our families. This was the first time ever that both of our families were together for a major holiday. I was so excited all day, but I was a hot mess! I had no makeup on, hair in a bun, and still in my pjs.

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Hours later my family arrived and I was just finishing up cooking. Now Andrew hates, and I mean hates taking pictures. So before we were going to sit down for dinner my uncle had brought his camcorder to take pictures of the special occasion. Andrew had told me to go get changed into something “cute” because we were going to take family pictures. I was suspecting something but nothing too much because I had gotten my hopes up before and it never happened. So once I was changed, my aunt told me to take my hair out of that bun and put some make up on. I began to think “omg this is going to happen? No, he wouldn’t do that on a holiday, it’s so cliche.” We had talked about people getting engaged on holidays and how it was engagement season. Hah, little did I know! So we went outside for pictures, and it was the entire family taking them with my uncles camcorder. Nothing out of the ordinary.

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Then Andrew disappeared with our dog Peaches, whom is our child! All of a sudden he tells me we need to take one more picture. I hear my aunt say “Peaches look at mommy” and when I turned around, there she was with a sign that said “Will You Marry Daddy?” I lost it! I ugly cried and even told him I need a minute to catch my breath. That moment was the moment I had waited for for the last 8 years and it felt so surreal. Needless to say, it was nothing like I had imagined and it was perfect. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life’s with my best friend and soul mate!

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