Yuval and Mark

Image 1 of Yuval and Mark

We met on OK Cupid. Both of us were dating, but were willing to be alone instead of being with the wrong person. Well, when we met, we were mutually intrigued, and each subsequent date was more and more profound, and it was obvious that we had found “the one.” Our families and friends all saw the magic that had begun, and supported our togetherness. Life seems to have rocketed us forward as a couple, as our being together was meant to be. With magic and signs from the universe, it was apparent that marriage and a lifetime together was our destiny. We discussed that marriage was something we both wanted. Yet, we thought that we would give our relationship some time to continue to blossom into the lavish garden it is. And, we did not know who was supposed to propose to who! We both wanted to be the one to ask for the other’s hand in marriage. But, Mark surprised Yuval in the most romantic way.

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