Yunah and Sangjin

How We Met

I first met Sangjin during our freshman year at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign back in April of 2012. Sangjin and I met coincidentally at one of our undergraduate libraries when I ran into him with a friend that I was with because they were mutual friends. Turns out we had some of the same classes together and we became friends. Turns out that he knew who I was though because he saw me around some church events we attended! From there, we turned into study buddies and eventually into a couple. We have been together ever since and have definitely visited multiple libraries all over the country together since then. #nerds

how they asked

We’ve been doing long distance for over 2 years now due to graduate school. I’m in PA school in Chicago and Sangjin is in PT school in New York. Sangjin was in Chicago for a couple of months for the summer and was supposed to go back on August 20th so I had no idea that this was going to happen! Before he left, we were supposed to grab a meal with a friend at a restaurant in Schaumburg on August 18th at noon. My friend, who is notoriously known for being late called at 11:30 am saying that she was running late and obviously, I didn’t suspect anything! We arrived at our restaurant and it turns out that it was right behind a beautiful park. This park was actually a place where we shared our first kiss 6 years ago!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Town Square of Schaumburg

We always joke about how we remember it like it was yesterday although so many years have flown by. We decided to wait for my friend there while reminiscing about our past when he was suddenly down on one knee! Many of my engaged friends say that they don’t remember what their significant other said during the proposal but I remember every single word Sangjin said.

Yunah's Proposal in Town Square of Schaumburg

We’ve been waiting to be engaged for so long but due to our long distance and being graduate students drowning in loans, it was a difficult task. Because of that, this moment was so meaningful and memorable for us. After the initial shock, our close friends, including the one that was supposed to meet us for lunch, jumped out from their hiding places! It was so incredible to be with the love of my life and our closest friends at a place that holds precious memories. Life has definitely come full circle!

Special Thanks

Joel Song
 | Photographer