Yuliya and Joseph

How We Met

My former boss would always tell me about a friend of her and her husbands that I just had to meet . I always brushed it off thinking I wasn’t ready to meet anyone and never had much luck being introduced to someone by other people. One day I was telling her how I always found casually dressed guys attractive … especially if they were wearing basketball shorts.


That evening she asked me to come out again to meet her friend Joe … and as a selling pint she told me that he was wearing basketball shorts. I figured that I had nothing to lose and went out to meet this “perfect for me guy”… and guess what ? Since the moment I met him I knew this was my home.

how they asked

One Saturday weekend Joe asked me if I wanted to go hiking at Mohonk Preserve where I have always wanted to go. We both love nature and the outdoors but haven’t been hiking in a while and Joe knew that I have been dying to go on another adventure. When he mentioned we should explore a new hike I was 100% in.

Ofcouse we picked the hardest part where we would have to climb a difficult rock scramble to get to the top. It took a lot of team work and patience to help each other though the harder parts of the climb.

Once we got to the top it was completely worth it. We found the perfect rock and set up our GoPro as usual to take a video. Minutes later – Joe came over to me and just had a different look of passion in his eye.

He told me how the joke represented our love with all its ups & downs but in the end our love is always bigger than anything out there … at that moment I knew my life was going to change. He got down on one knee and after I (ofcourse) said YES he even brought a small bottle of champagne so we can say a small toast.