Yujing and Samuel


How We Met

To know how we first met and to appreciate the meaning behind the proposal, you must first know how God had planned our lives to appreciate each other that much more. I was raised in Sydney, Australia and he grew up in Malaysia until he came to Melbourne, Australia when he entered university.

Our ambitions for university differed at first – I wanted to study Psychology and he wanted to study Medicine. Two to three years into our degrees, we changed our minds and went onto study Commerce – majoring in Accounting and he came to Sydney to study Commerce but in a different university to mine.

During our second last year at Uni, he scored an summer internship at Ernst and Young and I landed one at KPMG. I received a graduate offer to return to KPMG after I finished Uni whereas he didn’t receive an offer and spent a long of time during his final semesters at Uni searching for a graduate role – of which, he landed one at KPMG but in a different department to mine.

Why this is important to understand is that I had gotten to bad place right before I met him. I had gotten out of a 4 year relationship where my ex-boyfriend cheated on me, lied to me and made me feel worthless, angry and resentful towards the notion of love and marriage. I was at that point where I believe all men were arseholes and only capable of lying and being selfish. I had once hoped for a man like Sam before – a long time ago and I had forgotten about my idea of ‘Prince Charming’ (I’m a sucker for Disney and fairytale endings).

Up to this point, our paths has never crossed until that fateful day on Wednesday, 9 January 2013 – our first day at young professionals at KPMG. We were the first batch of our year to commence our graduate programs and our HR facilitator had revised a game of “Human Bingo” and that’s when I first laid eyes on him. A 6′ 1″ guy who looked vaguely like someone I knew and I couldn’t help but blurt out “WOW you’re so tall!” (for an Asian guy).

During lunch at day, we ended up sitting next to each other and I felt comfortable with him despite having just met him. We found out that we only lived 2 suburbs away from each other.

I suppose it is a pretty strong indicator that he was interested because that night, he looked me up on Facebook and tried to ask me on Facebook Messenger if I wanted to catch the same train as him the next day to work. We officially committed to a relationship on Valentine’s Day.

how they asked

My best friend had asked me for a quiet girls night out at the movies for an early screening of the new James Bond film “Spectre” to celebrate her birthday which was the following week. The ‘early screening’ was on a Wednesday – which was unusual but I didn’t question it.

There was lots of little things that my friends and work mates said or did that I thought was unusual but I didn’t question. Like the week before the proposal, my manager came over to tell me specifically that she trusts me and is quite happy for me to leave whenever I wanted next week.

Or why on earth my best mate wanted to watch James Bond if the Hunger Games was coming out the week after as she was never a James Bond fan but loved Hunger Games. Or when she also insisted we eat 2 suburbs away instead at one of the restaurants near the local cinemas (in case I spotted anyone I shouldn’t) AND insist we take a train there instead of driving (in case I recognised anyone’s car).

We arrived late for the movie and at the door of the theatre, Sam had positioned one of his colleagues as an local TV interviewer (whom I would have heard of from him before but would have never met) with a camera man as well as 2 other colleagues posing as a couple going to see the movie. This was all in Sam’s plan to get a camera into the theatre without me suspecting.

When we got to the door, his colleague interviewed us about our favourite James Bond films etc for the ‘local news’ before we went into the darkened cinema hall. The trailers and ads were playing and because we were late and I felt like a LOT of people were staring at us because we were late (false – it was for a completely different reason!), I kept my eyes down and only glanced up once as we headed to the very back of the cinema.

After all the trailers, ads and the Events cinema logo finished playing, and when the ‘official movie’ was supposed to start playing, Sam’s video started. The music was a cover of “A Thousand Years” (my favourite love song) by The Piano Guys (my favourite Youtube stars) and it started of with a cheesy sentence like “The greatest love song on screen has met its rival today”. My reaction when I saw this sentence was confusion and “OMG IS SOMEONE GOING TO PROPOSE TO SOMEONE ELSE NOW?”

Then the next sentence was “Hi Yujing, this is Sam :)”

I said “WHAT” very loudly.

Sam’s video continued to show him asking my parents for their blessing to propose, him asking my grandparents in Australia and my grandfather in China for their permission and his family for their blessings (including his very cute nephews). This video was very special to me and Sam and my family because one of the last videos captured of my two grandfathers – both passed away within months of our engagement.

My whole body was tingling with emotion and it wasn’t until towards the end of the video when I started to cry and my best mates embraced me. I also didn’t realise that Sam had organised for the whole cinema to be filled up with our family and friends until his little nephews started laughing when they saw themselves on screen.

My two best mates brought me down to meet him as the video was coming to an end and there he was, amazing, handsome and so clearly sent to me by God, in a suit with a bouquet of 14 roses and 2 lilies in hand, a beautiful smile and tears in his eyes to match my tears.

He gave the most beautiful speech to say why he chose today’s date – Wednesday, 11 November 2015 is our 1000th day together and we had also met 3 years ago on a Wednesday. The 14 roses and 2 lilies represent my 2 favourite flowers, our anniversary date and us as the two lilies surrounded by the roses representing our family and friends.

He had always intended to ask my grandparents in Australia and in China for their blessings from the moment he met my grandfather in China during the second year of our relationship. He also knew I would have wanted to involve family and friends. He went onto to say to say that he had loved growing together with me physically (he touched his belly then), spiritually, emotionally and mentally over the last three years and after handing over the bouquet to me,


He got down on one knee and proposed in front of our family and friends.