Youssef and Parya

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How We Met

We met in high school in our senior Chemistry class. She caught my attention when I saw a twinkle in her eye and just had to talk to her. It’s incredible how we have always had such great chemistry, and even funnier it was the class we met in. We got through school as best friends first and became closer as we got through University, working towards our personal life goals. As we supported each other so much from the start, the puzzle pieces fell into place where we knew we were meant for each other for the long run and I had to take that next step.

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how they asked

I wanted to plan a perfect proposal and make sure I captured the special moment without her knowing what was happening. With the help of Sandra from Life is Beautiful Photography, we spent weeks secretly planning the proposal, setting the stage as a “Couple’s Photo Shoot” session, where we would take pictures at Western University with the magnolia trees.

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We had both graduated recently and it was the perfect set up to look back at our years in school together there. We drove there to meet Sandra and began the shoot with various poses around the magnolias. It could not have been a more perfect day, with the blooming flowers, the calm cloudy day, and even the visit of a cardinal during the shoot was such a happy sight!

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As the moment came, Sandra had us stand facing the same direction and my fiancée stood in front of me, completely focused on standing still for the shot. I got the queue for action and pulled the ring out of my pocket. As I got down on one knee to ask the ever-important question, Sandra asked her to turn around to face me and the shock and surprise brought the biggest smile to her lovely face and mine.

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I spoke from the heart, her eyes twinkled like always, and she nodded yes. Hands shaking, I placed the ring on her finger and we embraced while students cheered in the background and the clicking of Sandra’s camera was still going off. This priceless moment was captured perfectly and we will always cherish it through time.

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