Yona and Pedro

How We Met

My now fiancé and I originally met in Miami, FL when I had just moved there from New Jersey. At the time, I was very new to the city and had taken a Lyft to Target for some essentials for my new apartment. I always used to screenshot who my drivers were and send them to a friend since I was alone in the city and you can never be too safe. This particular driver was especially handsome to me and I screenshotted the photo he had and sent it to a group chat with my best friends and made a comment about how handsome I thought he was. We had a great conversation on the ride back to my house and have been inseparable ever since.

How They Asked

On my birthday a few years ago, we went kayaking in a delta near Miami Beach and saw a whole family of dolphins. We took this as a gift from the heavens and have always thought of dolphins as somewhat sentimental in our relationship, so it was only fitting that he ask for my hand in marriage in front of the dolphin pool at the Georgia Aquarium.

Yona and Pedro's Engagement in Georgia Aquarium

It came as a complete surprise to me and I was so shocked that I couldn’t even say yes! I just cried and laughed and nodded my head as bystanders applauded and shouted their congratulations. I am so excited to be his wife!!!