Yolande and Jenny

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How We Met

We met on February 14, 2009 when my cousins car broke down and he came to help. We later learned that he didn’t know how to fix cars but after sitting and talking for hours I just didn’t want the conversation to end. We started hanging out and talking for hours and then one day when he preparing to leave for Georgia he choose to stay because he felt that our relationship was something he wanted to pursue

how they asked

It was my daughters 8th birthday party and amazingly everyone showed and though that seemed weird to me I brushed it off. As we prepared to sing Happy Birthday everyone was excited and loud at the end his best friend asks my daughter what she wants for her birthday and she says for “my mommy to get married” I instantly turned to laugh it off and when I Turned and saw him on that knee my whole world stop I was so shocked I mean I knew talked about it but in that moment every I love and we’re in this together played in my ear and fell in love on a new level. I was shaking and my heart beat out chest but I was so happy he whisper to me I love you when we hugged and I didn’t want to let go. My son cried and daughter was just so happy that it made this moment so much more special for me.

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