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How We Met

We both had jobs working on a Golf course construction project. I was operating a rock truck, while he was installing the irrigation. We’d always flirt a bit passing by each-other.. Until that one fateful day we stopped for lunch in the same spot. He invited me to come sit on the vacant chairs near his company’s lay-down with him. We talked about where we were from, what we did on the weekends, and decided to exchange numbers and try to plan on going to the local country bar on the same night. ( He would always go Thursdays, while me and my girl’s would go on Saturdays ) Later that week I invited him to come play pool at the local pool hall with some friends. He showed up with his roommate, and my friends spent the entire night trying to get me as close to him as possible. ( I’m a shy, horrible flirt ).

We all continued the night with shared appetizers at a Red Robins, sitting in our cars chatting, and topped it off with midnight iced cappuccinos from Tim Hortons.

We spent every single day together after that night and decided we were dating about a week later. That was September 24th 2007.

We just got married nearly 8 years to the day, September 26th 2015.

how they asked

Lee had surprised me the Christmas before with tickets to Kauai & Maui to celebrate my upcoming birthday at the end of February. On one of our last days in Kauai, we had just finished a gruelling 22 mile hike of the infamous Kalalau trail. We were both exhausted, had heat stroke, and couldn’t even force the delicious plate of dinner down our throats without hacking it right back up again. We got a last minute hotel room, showered, and got ready to go to bed early….

Proposal attempt number 1 – (My Birthday) At the foot of the hotel bed, in my underwear, blatantly telling to hold my hands out and close my eyes.. This was all moments before I had to make another mad dash to the washroom.. ( We were terribly sick )

I said yes of course, but we decided we would try a bit of a ‘redo’ later in the trip because we both know he has horrible patience and that he had way more of a romantic plan than that. He just had an overwhelming feeling that he needed to just get it done. Poor guy.

Proposal attempt number 2 – In Maui, on the road to Hana. There is a short 2 mile hike into the hills to a banyan tree, through a bamboo forest, and finishing at a beautiful waterfall. Well, on the way back down, after I was being eaten alive my mosquitos, he tried to stop me at the banyan tree. I was having none-of-it. I just wanted to escape from being eaten alive. Well, apparently he had a poem written with reference to that tree and everything.. We spend the next few days arguing and apologizing to each-other.

Proposal attempt 3 ( & Success! ) – In Maui, we decided one day to stop at this one beach where we heard you were almost guaranteed to see some sea turtles! Just our luck, not a single turtle. I took my camera out and starting to photograph the ocean. Lee ran back to the rental Jeep to grab a few things. (It was starting to rain) He walked up to me, bent down on one knee, and recited the very first poem he had ever written me. He proceeded to add onto the poem with good old cheesy lines like ‘ growing old and fat together’. This one I didn’t expect at all, and by this point I knew I had over thought this entire process. This sweet man absolutely adores me. He has shown me 6.5 wonderful and fantastic years full of surprises and romantic gestures. It’s not always about the perfect proposal… ( As much as we all dream about it )..

It’s about being asked to spend the rest of your life with this person.
We’re now married and I wouldn’t trade this guy for anyone in the entire world. xoxo

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